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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Will he still remember me? - Pneuma Series by Serena Kearney

"This was one of those books that when you read the description your unsure what exactly it's about but it sounds good, and then you read the book and it throws you for a big loop but it ends up being amazing! [...] The ending answers many questions I had throughout the story, while also bringing huge surprises and left me wanting more. Which is one of the characteristics of all great books."- about book #1 Riley, Goodreads



Estelle Caldwell caused a war with her birth.
Estelle Caldwell has friends, family...everything a girl could ask for. But as she looks back on her life andher birthday approaches, weird things start to happen.
Questions are left unanswered. Her feelings are starting to become clear for the one she's been in love with her whole life.
People she knows start to become strangers to her.
She has to leave to protect them... to protect... him. 

the vital spirit, soul, or creative force of a person.

Do you know what it feels like to hold fate in your hand?
Was it fate that my whole life got turned upside down?
He was the reason I had to leave.
Making the sacrifice caused my heart to rip in two.
I wanted normalcy. I wanted my life to be my own.
But it's nothing without the people I love, and it's for
the people I love that I have to leave.
Fate. Please be kind.
Will he still remember me?
Will our first and last kiss be one and the same?
Please remember.
Please be with me.

Family is tested.
Memories are everywhere.
Love is one of the biggest reliefs and hurts you can have at the same time.


1. a strong, wavelike, forward movement, rush, or sweep.
2. a strong, swelling, wavelike volume or body of something.


When I find out our link isn’t complete, we have a whole other journey to discover. 
Through pain, sweat, and a full out war between the planets, it is laid, not only on my shoulders, but Reeds as well.
And when I find out who Vega has captured and what he has in store for us, I am going to need everyone’s help in the process.
Can I do what I am fated to do?
Will our love survive?
Or will it be a tornado destroying everything in it’s path?


A pair of beings who have formed an unbreakable, metaphysical link. They often experience heightened levels of ESP, including telepathy, telekinesis, and remote viewing.


The first place I called home.
The place I lived.
The place I fell in love. The place my family raised me. The place I formed everlasting bonds.
Can I ignore the ache in my chest when all I see through their eyes is hate and built up hostility?
When I think I am done with one war, I have another to deal with.
Can I do this?
Will I be brave enough?
Reed gives me strength.
Earth is my home.
I will save it.
What book do you think everyone should read?

This is a tough question, a lot pop into my head, but only a few stand out. One of them, is The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons. That is one of my all time top reads. It does have a little history in it, because the love story takes place during Nazi Germany, but that isn't it's main focus. I'm not a historical reader at all, but with that book, it gave me so many feels in the middle of all the tragedy, that it just enhanced the story. It is a long book, but it goes by so fast, I didn't even notice.

Another one is A thousand boy kisses by Tillie Cole. It does have cancer in it, and I know some people like to stay away from that subject, but I love this one so much. A second chance love story that has you wanting more, and definitely not lacking in the feels department.

Book #1 is FREE on Amazon!
About the author:
I am a Leo. Born August 10, living on the east coast. I self-published my first novel, PNEUMA, November 2014, and it's hasn't stopped since.
One of my biggest problems was having too much to read. Now my newfound problem; having too much to write and not enough hands to type it out. Not enough brains to put the stories together fast enough. Not enough tea or coffee to keep me awake 24/7.

So, like every normal person, I have to take it one day at a time.

My cravings for sweets keep me going, any sort of cakes (especially red velvet), pies, cookies, and ice cream.
I have a cat named Bongo-Bongo, who loves to get in my way when I'm trying to work, but is too cute for me to fight him off.
And then I have my family, specifically my husband, who puts up with my endless nights, my tapping of the keyboard, my ridiculous imagination, and yet, he always encourages me to believe in myself and follow my dreams.

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Janet W. said...

I'd love to check out this series! Sounds great!

Marcy Meyer said...

I have read both of your recommendations, and I agree. The Bronze Horseman and A Thousand Boy Kisses are both incredible stories. Your series sounds good. Thanks for the giveaway chance!

Serena Kearney said...

Thanks for hosting!! And for your kind words Janet and Marcy! =D

Wendy Hutton said...

love the cover thanks for sharing the book sounds great

Serena Kearney said...

Thanks Wendy!