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Monday, June 5, 2017

Review - Wonder Woman

I think I'll summarize to a few words, because too many are not needed. I'm not going to make a review in the usual way, because this is not necessary either. The only thing I think I'm going to do is give you an advice:



If you like the DC universe or in generally the stories with heroes, do not miss the movie!

For boys… a little tip: considering that the overwhelming majority of visitors to our blog are girls, and generally when it comes to books boys do not crowd (to their shame), do not make the mistake and don’t go to the movie saying it's "for girls". If you have the impression that you are going to attend at a feminist parade, well…you’ll be very wrong. There is nothing like this, and some small things that may appear along the way are to illustrate the era and the prejudices of the society in which the action of the film takes place.

Maybe you've been smirked to Man of Steel or Batman vs Superman, but you still have to recognize the merits of Zack Snyder. In this case, only the story is by Zack Snyder, the director is Patty Jenkins, which I believe is real gain. You will recognize the previous style, but the way the scenes are treated (if you do not believe it, the action ones!) is a much more intense one, and the gradation of the tension is very well done (see boys… even in the battle scenes, a woman's touch is welcome).

The story is well written and even better staged, so you will not have the “chance” to start shaking in boredom.

The cast is well-chosen, the actors are well-known, so everything is perfect. The one who had the idea of distributing Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman knew what he/she was doing.

The film is not a milestone in the cinematography, but as I said on another occasion, whether it's DC or Marvel, it seems that the producers have found the recipe of success for this kind of movie. Everyone will find something to love, and no one (at least until now) has been bored with them. Perhaps a great merit is also of the actors to which the audience attaches to and the way in which the characters are built by them. When the casts will begin to be changed, we will see if they can reinvent the series. But the truth is that even the generations of viewers are changing, so...

That’s enough! Too much beating around the bush is not good.

See it!
Happy viewing!

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Eden Ashley said...

Can't wait to check this movie out.