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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Guest Post and Giveaway: Shrouded in Blackness (The Blackness Series #3) by Norma Jeanne Karlsson


Only loyalty can truly win his heart… 

Gangs, organized crime and underground bare-knuckle fighting make up the world that Kieran Delaney thrives within. His reputation is built on the talent of his fists, as much as his ability to get information about any and everything. Never one to be caught by surprise or bested, Kieran knows what you’re going to do before you do it…until Darcy Quinlan enters his life. She introduces herself with a knife to his throat and a promise of unbridled pain. Darcy’s life has been destroyed by betrayal and false promises of safety. Living on the streets for the last eight years, she’s been a ghost. Never in one place long enough to be seen because you can’t catch what isn’t there. Now Kieran sees her and can’t erase her image from his mind.

Kieran and Darcy must now battle to keep her alive and by his side. As her past enters her life from every angle, Kieran makes certain her safety is no longer a concern, annihilating her demons at every corner. He’ll fight, he’ll maim, he’ll torture and he’ll murder to keep Darcy protected. If Kieran can win, her life will no longer be shrouded in blackness…loyalty will lift the veil.

Sweet Blackness 
(What Dark brings in the Dark Romance) 

I love reading Dark Romances. And I write what I enjoy reading. For me the dark part of a romance comes from a lot of different aspects: the characters, their past, their present and their relationship. When characters are dealing with challenging issues that fuel the personal dynamic within relationships you end up with dark. When that struggle is particularly difficult it makes the happy ending that much sweeter. I enjoy violence in a Dark Romance. I feel like the intensity that breeds violence makes for an explosive read. I also want the dark elements of a romance to be genuine. What I mean by that is I don’t feel a “manwhore” trying to rein it in is all that dark. I want the dark to seep into the crevices of the characters being. And when romances are that dark it unfolds the best sex…ravaging, devouring, sensual sex. After all, the culmination of a romance ends in the bedroom. It’s the physical manifestation of the relationship readers are anticipating. 

For me that journey feels authentic as a writer. I wouldn’t be able to write the story where characters are struggling to get beyond infidelity or “typical” insecurities. I live for stories of perseverance. If a character can battle beyond a harsh past or a brutal present in order to make their life better the darkness fades away. All of my novels center on this idea. Where my novels differ a bit is my characters aren’t out to change who they are. They are simply trying to live the best lives they can while embracing the blackness that is a part of their life. None of my characters meet someone and change who they are. Instead, they embrace who they are, spots and all, and build on that dark foundation adding in a bit of light.

About the author:
Blackness Takes Over is Norma Jeanne’s debut novel. What began as an homage to the home town of a homesick Midwestern girl, unfolded a story of love, danger, humor, and trust. She’s currently working on her untitled sophomore effort. We can’t wait to see what thrilling saga she leads us through next!

Originally from Kansas City, Missouri, Norma Jeanne recently found herself relocating to the United Kingdom. Now living in Belfast, she took hold of the opportunity to kick the 9-5 job for a chance to become an author. The best part: working from her home office, she gets to spend more time with her cast of crazy characters (written and real).

In her free time Norma Jeanne is a voracious reader and consumes books as readily as meals. She is a people watcher by nature and uses her experiences in life, observed or otherwise, to build the worlds and characters that thrive in her books. A believer in the strength of the human spirit, Norma Jeanne writes the stories of people that persevere when all appears to be lost.

“Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” –Dylan Thomas

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