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Monday, June 23, 2014

Guest Post and Giveaway: Burning in a Memory by Constance Sharper

Release Date: July 1st, 2014
Cover Artist: Judyta (Feainne) K.


Curiosity killed the cat, and nineteen-year-old Adelaide was next. She could barely remember the moments during her childhood when she knew magic existed, but she never stopped searching for it since. On the flipside, monsters from the magical world never stopped searching for her either. 

Their paths finally cross in time for Adelaide to realize she should have stayed on the human side of the east coast. Unlike college, she can’t get out of trouble with a cute smile and a cuter wardrobe. 

These monsters are out for blood, her blood, but she’s in luck. They will spare her life in exchange for one favor, and that favor is named Leon Colton.

Curiosity killed the cat

Curiosity killed the cat is a metaphor that captures a situation we’ve all been in—knowing we should probably leave something alone but we find it irresistible. Who has ever just walked away upon hearing “don’t ask, you don’t want to know”? It’s easy to think that the satisfaction of the presently felt craving for knowledge will be worth any unknown future consequences. 

This isn’t always true in real life. 

You can’t test putting your tongue to a frozen pole and expect to keep the tongue in one piece. You can’t always expose conspiracies and stay out of danger. You definitely can’t go searching for magic all over the and not run into the monsters along the way. Well, the last part is not exactly reality, but it was curiosity that got Adelaide into trouble. 

Adelaide is the protagonist of Burning in a Memory. Adelaide remembered magic in her life as a child, but in modern day Montana it couldn’t have seemed farther away. Despite her family’s constant urging for her to forget it, she couldn’t resist. At the age of nineteen, she left to find magic and to find answers. But instead of answers, she found shades. Shades are the quintessential monsters of the supernatural world that kill if given the opportunity. Adelaide has now realized quickly that she is in danger and should have stayed home, but now she can’t get away so easily. 

Adelaide is just like everyone else but with a supernatural twist. Her struggle in Burning in a Memory is one that most nineteen-year-olds could find themselves in—minus the monsters. It might seem stupid but it’s also characteristic of life, fiction or reality, to need answers. 

The question that inevitably follows is: Once Adelaide is in trouble, how is she planning to get out unharmed? Or is she going to end up just like the curious cat? The book Burning in a Memory is geared to answer those questions. Adelaide’s journey is one to follow along if you’ve ever gotten into trouble from curiosity. 

It’s worth mentioning that there’s another metaphor that suits Adelaide and all urban fantasy lovers might relate to as well. Cats have nine lives. 

About the author: 
Born and raised in Florida, Constance Sharper juggles following her writing passion with completing her doctorate degree. She's been a lover of urban fantasy and young adult books, and published The Airborne Saga as her first series. She continues to write multiple books in the same and similar genres. She currently lives with her beagle and wishes a Starbucks would open up nearby. 

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Book looks very good.

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I look forward to reading your book. I have a ton of books to read now and I look forward to it.

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