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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Echoes of Paradise by Deanna Kahler

Published: January 1st, 2014
Cover Artist: Cover photo by Paul Kahler


Does Love Survive Death? When Celeste’s one true love Connor dies, she’s left with many questions and regrets. Caught in a web of painful memories from her troubled past – and a complicated marriage to a materialistic executive – she ventures into an unknown world. 

What she experiences makes her more determined than ever to find out what really happens after death and what became of her lost love. Her journey takes her to places she never thought possible. But just around the corner, danger still lurks. Will she find the answers she seeks and ultimately discover the truth?

Death and Love Are Key in Paranormal Romance 
by Deanna Kahler 

“Death ends a life, not a relationship,” according to many visionaries. But what does that mean? For some, it means that life continues after death, that there is something beyond this physical world we live in. For others, it suggests the love we feel continues despite a person’s absence from our life. In the world of paranormal romance, death is rarely the end. In fact, death and love are intertwined and often key elements in the story. It doesn’t matter if you’re dead, alive or even human. Love is always possible. 

In my book Echoes of Paradise I tackle the question: Does love survive death? The story centers around Celeste, a woman who finds out her one true love Connor has died. But is he really gone? She wonders if he has truly ceased to exist or if his spirit lives on. This sends her on an incredible journey to discover what really happens after death and what became of her lost love. At times, it seems like Connor is reaching out to her from beyond the grave, but she questions her sanity and dismisses her experiences as imagination or coincidence. Throughout the story, Celeste’s love for Connor grows stronger. It doesn’t matter that he’s dead and she’s alive. Their connection remains unbreakable. Part of the beauty of paranormal romance is that these two souls could actually have an ongoing relationship. 

This is true of many paranormal romances, where unlikely pairings and chance encounters are the norm. Remember the 1990 movie Ghost? Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze were able to kiss through a medium, played by Whoopi Goldberg. She was alive; he was dead. But so what? They can still love each other, can’t they? 

And then there’s the popular Twilight series. He’s a vampire; she’s a human. But together they are somehow able to have a committed relationship and conceive a child. For a long time, Edward’s love for Bella prevents him from turning her into a vampire and leads him to do whatever it takes to protect her. The two lovers may have been able to continue their relationship as vampire and human, but pregnancy and childbirth threaten Bella’s life. Of course, Edward can’t let his true love die, so he reluctantly turns her into a vampire to save her. 

Why does death matter in a paranormal romance? It adds drama to the story and serves as an important obstacle for the characters to overcome. If they can beat death, they can triumph over anything. And as we see time and time again, death is just a doorway to another world. It doesn’t signal the end of a relationship. In the world of paranormal romance, life and love are eternal. And love really does conquer all. 
About the author:
Deanna Kahler is an accomplished writer and proud mom. Her work has been published in numerous corporate newsletters and magazines across the country. She began writing as a young child and enjoys the opportunity to reach others and make a difference in their lives. 

Echoes of Paradise is Deanna’s second book. Her first book, From Pain to Parenthood: A Journey Through Miscarriage to Adoption, details her difficult journey to motherhood and provides tips and resources for those facing similar circumstances.

Deanna holds a bachelor’s degree in communication arts from Oakland University in Rochester, Mich., where she graduated with departmental honors. She lives with her husband and daughter in a Metro Detroit suburb, where she enjoys writing, dancing, walking, and visiting parks in her spare time. 

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horade said...

Minunata coloana sonora pentru un film extraordinar !

Unknown said...

Love the story line would surly enjoy reading hold book thanks

Amie said...

Looks like a good story. Thanks for the giveaway!

Unknown said...

Hello Sarit, Horade, Annie and Amie!
Thank you all for your comments and interest in my book. Best of luck to you in the giveaway! :)

Deanna Kahler

Unknown said...

A huge thank you to Mythical Books for featuring my book, Echoes of Paradise, and my guest blog post on their web site! I am thrilled to be here. :)

Kai said...

I believe that love can transcend death. Ghost is my favorite movie.

Unknown said...

Hi Kai! I believe that too. Thanks for sharing!

Joseph Hawkshaw said...

Love the cover looks so awesome.

Unknown said...

Tori: My pleasure! Thanks for your interest.

Joe: Thank you!