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Friday, April 20, 2018

a bit more recklessly than they should - Zagreb, Milan, Nice, Barcelona (The summer of heartache and fickleness ) by Maya Berger

"A wonderfully-written travel book. When I first saw the title in itself, I knew this was gonna be a fun book. And I was right. Not only are the places, food, and elements well-described, the characters are also very colorful as well. A group of friends, each with their own quirks and personalities." - Dawn, Goodreads


Published: April 19th, 2018

Maya and Una are two best friends from Croatia, living life a bit more recklessly than they should. This time, they embark on a new adventure along with some friends. Soon their friendship, which seemed tight in Zagreb, becomes challenged on their trip to Barcelona.

The two girls and their friends experience some misfortunes that shape their voyage in a completely different way from what they were expecting. Luckily, they meet new and interesting people who help them to forget their problems and focus on love, fun, and the beauty of the landscape and places they visit.

About the author:
Maya Berger is the author of Luna Tree, a memoir focusing on personal growth and its sequel, In the Pursuit of Change. She took a break from writing about life and personal growth to write two chick lit adventure stories, Girls with No Plan and its stand-alone sequel, Zagreb, Milan, Nice, Barcelona, a second story about Maya and Una who, this time, voyage through Italy and France to visit Maya’s boyfriend in Barcelona, Spain.

Maya is a 43-year-old living in Zagreb, Croatia, with her husband and their four-year-old daughter. She is a passionate traveler who spends every free minute either planning a trip or traveling with her family.

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