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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

she's no ordinary witch - Excalibar Investigations Complete Series Box Set by Tiffany Shand

"The plot is original, with Cate being a Denai (Witch), she is very likable, as well as Jason. A well written gripping, compelling Witch story. With vivid details and intense prose the story moves at the perfect pace. " - about Book #1 Sheri, Goodreads


Published: September 11th, 2017

Cate McCray is no ordinary witch. 

Prophesied to be the one to destroy the Covenant, an age-old organisation who seeks to enslave all Magickind, the race is on for them to kill her before she receives immortality. 

But before receiving the phenomenal power that comes with it, she must first survive the ascension and the only person who can help her is her elemental partner, Jason Talbot. But when the time comes, her forbidden love for Jason threatens to destroy them both. 

As leader of Excalibar, an elite team of Enforcers, they work to infiltrate the Covenant leading Cate into life-threatening situations. Can she outwit them before it’s too late?


Are you a full time author or do you have another job as well and if so how do either or these fit in with writing time?
I’m a part time author at the moment, the rest of the time I work as an editor and copywriter. But I’d like to eventually become a full time author.

Do you write on your novel daily or do you try to have days off?
I try to write for at least an hour every day sometimes longer depending on the amount of freelance work I have. Even I don’t write more than a couple of paragraphs writing every day is very important for me.

Do you go back to published books and want to change them in any way?
No, I like to leave my earlier books as they are. It shows me how much I’ve grown as an author with each book.

What do you think is the most effective marketing is for your books?
I think it depends on the book. Free advertising only goes so far. The best marketing tool I’ve found so far is growing my own email list and doing the occasional paid promotion.

If you have a ‘baddy’ in your book, can you tell us a little about this character?
One the baddies in my series is a terrorist called Tasha Phelps, who is a Null – someone who can’t use magic and who magic has no effect on. I love writing about her, she’s very twisted.

Is there any romance in your story and if so can you tell us a little about this?
Yes, the series centres around the romance between my two main characters Cate and Jason. How they fall in love, get married and deal with working together as a couple.

If you have to write any fighting scenes, what are your best tips of how you create them?
I love writing fight scenes. My best tip would be to try to focus on how people move when they’re fighting. A great way of doing that is to go to a self defense or martial arts place or watch how people move on tv or in movies.

Do you ever write sad scenes and do you feel the sadness as you write it?
Yes, sad scenes make very emotional.

Can you give us a little insight into any fantasy characters in your latest book?
Never annoy or challenge a Denai witch, especially if she’s the Grand Mistress – the high priestess of all witches.

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About the author:
Tiffany Shand was born in Essex, UK and started writing short stories when she was a child.
She has always done writing in one form or another and started writing novels in her early teens. 
Tiffany loves to read books and discovered her love for fantasy and paranormal romance during this time. 
She writes both non-fiction and fiction, but mostly fantasy and paranormal romance.
After doing a creative writing course in her early 20s she is now a freelance writer and professional proofreader. She is currently studying for a journalism degree. 
Tiffany lives in Essex with her two spoiled cats and one very nutty hamster.

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