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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Pretty Perfect by Lana Sky

18+ "Amazing! Love how she creates these characters portraying their emotions perfectly. [...] That it isn't just one of those cliche stories, but actually seems like real life situations that just make you feel like best friends with the characters. Pretty Perfect will keep your interest the whole time while you read it! " - Kim, Goodreads


Published: May 31st, 2017 

Perfection. It is an illusion that twenty-year-old Anya DeSotto strives to maintain.

The perfect ballerina.
The perfect daughter.
The perfect liar.

Everyone else seems fooled by the charade—but Anya isn’t prepared for the moment her perfect mask is cracked in half by someone much more adept at the art of pretending.

Nearly two decades her senior, Revend Marcus, the owner of a prestigious international ballet company, has no problem with breaking Anya down to suit his own twisted idea of perfection. But when a shadow from Revend’s past looms over their futures, and Anya’s insecurities push their relationship to a violent crescendo, the resulting chaos threatens to destroy them both.

Though, sometimes, even destruction can be pretty perfect.

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About the author:
Lana Sky is a reclusive writer in the United States who spends most of her time daydreaming about complex male characters and legless cats. She writes mostly paranormal romance, in between watching reruns of Ab Fab and drinking iced tea. Only iced tea. 

Drain Me is her debut novel and the first novel in the upcoming "Ellie Gray Chronicles."

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