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Friday, July 8, 2016

The NCC Summer Reads Giveaway

Total: $2000 in Prizes!
Three Winners
(1) ONE-Grand Prize Winner: $500 Amazon Giftcard, the new Kindle Oasis, & 79 Paperbacks (1) ONE- Second Place Winner: $200 Amazon Giftcard (1) ONE Third Place Winner: $100 Amazon Giftcard


Supporting Authors & Bloggers…


list of authors & blogs you are joining:

Marissa Dobson 
Rather Be Reading 
Kelsey Karson 
Velvet Reed 
Once Upon An Alpha 
Yessi Smith 
Zoe Dawson 
Paige Steele 
Bibliophile Wonderland Reviews 
Lizzie Hart Stevens 
Ker Dukey 
Just Another Book Bitch 
Kirsty Moseley 
Hanna Peach 
Mia Downing 
DRC Promotions 
Emily Minton 
M. Stratton 
Liz Lovelock 
Silla Webb 
T.E. Black 
Cat Mason 
Kristin Mayer 
Vicki Green 
Mia Villano 
Stephanie’s Book Reports 
Socially Awkward Book Nerd 
Aleya Michelle 
KB Winters 
M.C. Cerny 
Bronwen Evans 
Stephanie Witter 
L. Grubb 
Sinamen Reads Romance 
Crazy Daisy Book Whore 
The Smut-Brarians 
1-chick and her kindle 
Irene Helenowski 
Sarah O’Rourke 
Riann C. Miller 
Kate Benitez 
The Hype PR 
Molly McLain 
Hilary Storm 
C.C. Wood 
Ashley Hampton 
Emily Goodwin 
Erin Hayes 
Susan Ward 
Margo Bond Collins 
Blaire Edens 
Elena M. Reyes 
Jami Denise 
iScream Books 
Kathy Coopmans 
Gina Whitney 
Andrea Smith 
Kimberly Blalock 
Lola White 
Harlow Stone 
A.M Madden 
HJ Bellus 
H. D’Agostino 
TBR Book Blog 
J.M. Walker 
Scarlett Dawn 
Paula Radell, Author 
Clara Stone 
T.K. Leigh 
A.D. Justice 
Victoria Renteria 
Verlene Landon 
Kimi Flores/K.A. Hunter 
Amanda Kaitlyn 
Stacey Mosteller 
Toni Aleo 
L Chapman 
L.B. Dunbar 
Hooked on books & Cherry0Blossom Promotions 
Jocie McKade 
Melissa Toppen 
Zoey Derrick 
Lyra Parish 
D. Kelly 
Alexa Brookes 
Dzintra Sullivan 
BJ Harvey 
Muriel Garcia 
D.F. Jones 
Elizabeth York 
Zeia Jameson 
C.J. Pinard 
Magan Vernon 
A.M. Hargrove 
LP Maxa 
Stephanie Gresham 
Elisabeth Grace 
Ahren Sanders 
B. Brumley 
eReader Obsession 
Alana Sapphire 
Alexis Noelle 
Jen Cousineau 
Deanndra Hall 
Kat Mizera 
Dori Lavelle 
Suzannah Daniels 
Smut Book Junkie Book Reviews 
Gina L. Maxwell 
Amy Olle 
PJ Fiala 
MJ Fields 
D.M. Earl 
Sandra Marton 
Kendall Grey 
Vanessa Vale 
Grace Goodwin 
Ann Mayburn 
Michele Callahan 
Harlow Stone 
RomCon Romance Blog 
Nona Raines 
Kennedy Layne 
Midwestern Book Lovers Unite 
The Room Behind the Bookcase 
Miranda Lynn 
Kimberly Blalock 
Karen Raines 
Caitlyn O’Leary 
Boyd Craven 
Angel Payne 
Author C. A. Harms 
Erica Gerald Mason

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