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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Building Victoria: Aeon 14 (The Intrepid Saga #3) by M.D Cooper

"I don't know how I missed this series earlier, but wow am I glad to have found it. Typical space opera elements exist here: strong almost magically competent lead who is female in this case, lots of bad guys both smart and stupid, fighting scenes both space and station based in this book, and a small touch of romance. The editing is quite strong, though not perfect. Age appropriate for teens up, though there is a fairly mild torture scene." Amazon, Gilly (about book #1)


Published: July 1st, 2016

The Intrepid is drifting slowly between the stars. 

After near calamity at LHS 1565, the ship is headed for Kapteyn's Star to make repairs. There, the crew will need to spend decades building a temporary industrial base. 

Across the void, the Noctus prepare to leave Sirius for the same destination. Their plan is to colonize the system and forge a new lives for themselves ... if they aren't destroyed by their government first. 

In an epic tale spanning over a century, General Tanis Richards finds herself in another fight for her life as the new colony of Victoria is built under the threat of interstellar war.

"A fantastic follow up!" - Amazon, DZ (about book #2)

"As a reader of the first book I eagerly awaited the release of the second, and for good reason, this is a great follow up! One of my favorite parts of this book, and the series as a whole is that, at least to me, it feels believable. It may be science fiction, but based in actual science." Amazon, nhjay (about book #2)

About the author:
After years of attempting to write fantasy stories I decided to try my hand at science fiction. I've always been a fan of sci-fi and really took to it. Like many authors, the first book you try to get out doesn't always see the light of day and that original manuscript is still waiting for its time to shine. However, that didn't slow me down, and I have three books released: Outsystem, A Path in the Darkness, and Building Victoria. These books begin the Intrepid Saga, a series of books which follow the crew of a colony ship as they make their way between the stars. The fourth book in the series will be out on November 1, 2016, and the fifth book is already in the works. During the day I am a software engineer at a company which builds sites and services around the open-source CMS named Drupal. I find that starting with a blank canvas and writing code is not that different than writing stories. When not writing stories or code I'm usually my wife and daughter, or doing carpentry--a hobby which I've been growing over the years. My other interests include astronomy, cars and racing, blacksmithing, movies, and just about any creative work one can do.

The author is giving away a Malcolm Reynolds Pop Figure!! He's adorable.

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