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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Thoreau in Phantom Bog (Henry David Thoreau Mystery #3) by B.B. Oak

The writing of this story was superb. - Melina’s Book Blog
This historical whodunit will wisp you away to the 1800’s with plot twist and a story line that will keep you reading through the night. - Shelley’s Book Case​


Published: August 25th, 2015

Henry David Thorea’s impassioned activism in the Underground Railroad leads him away from the banks of Walden Pond into a morass of murder…

In the spring of 1848, Thoreau returns to Plumford, Massachusetts, in search of a fellow conductor on the Underground Railroad, who has gone missing along with the escaped female slave he was assigned to transport. With the help of his good friend, Dr. Adam Walker, Thoreau finds the conductor—shot to death on a back road.

When the two men discover that Adam’s beloved cousin Julia has given the slave safe harbor, their relief is counterbalanced by concern for Julia, who has put herself in grave danger. Another conductor has been murdered in a neighboring town and a letter has been found from someone claiming to have been hired to assassinate anyone harboring fugitive slaves. With all of them now potential targets, the need for Thoreau and Adam to apprehend the killer is more urgent than ever…

About the authors:

B. B. Oak is the pen name of Beth and Ben Oak, who met in a literature course at Boston University and have been enthralled with Henry David Thoreau (and each other) ever since.

They are members of The Thoreau Society and Old Sturbridge Village, a living museum which recreates life in rural New England and served as the model for the book’s fictional town of Plumford.

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Unknown said...

I love books that are historical :) Can't wait to read it !

Jan Lee said...

I don't think I've ever read Henry David Thoreau. I've heard of him but am not familiar with anything he's written. Maybe that'a a good thing, not having any preconceived ideas about him:)

Mama Cat said...

Would love to see this great American author brought to life. .sort of, through these mysteries!

Mama Cat said...

Would love to see this great American author brought to life. .sort of, through these mysteries!