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Monday, September 21, 2015

Earthman Jack vs. The Secret Army (The Earthman Jack Space Saga #2) by Matthew Kadish

After his heroic battle against the Deathlords on the Ghost Planet, Jack Finnegan is looking forward to arriving at Omnicron Prime, the capitol planet of the Galactic Regalus Empire -the largest and most advanced civilization in the universe.


Published: September 15th, 2015 

After his heroic battle against the Deathlords on the Ghost Planet, Jack Finnegan is looking forward to arriving at Omnicron Prime, the capitol planet of the Galactic Regalus Empire -the largest and most advanced civilization in the universe.

Things are looking bright for Jack. He has his unconventional group of friends, his mystical spaceship, and the girl of his dreams -Princess Anna. Not to mention a secret mission that could save Earth and everyone he cares about.

But things get complicated when he arrives at Omnicron. Not only is Jack uncomfortable being thrust into the spotlight for his courageous actions to save the universe, but he soon finds life in the Empire isn't everything he'd dreamed it would be.

His friends abandon him to pursue their own interests. Greedy and cunning politicians conspire to steal his spaceship. Even his relationship with Anna is strained now that she's gone from being "the girl next door" to the most powerful woman in the universe.

But beneath all that lies a new and terrifying threat from the Deathlords. A threat that grows in secret, slowly spreading throughout the Regalus Empire like a plague, and it threatens to destroy from within the only thing powerful enough to stop the Deathlords and their malicious rampage throughout the galaxy -the Empire itself.

Worst of all -Jack is the only one who knows about this new threat, and no one will believe his warnings.

Suddenly, the Empire is no longer safe for Jack and his friends. Even the people they've come to rely on the most can no longer be trusted. As those he's sworn to protect turn against him, how can Jack hope to save the day?

Fighting the Deathlords was one thing. Fighting the "good guys" is quite another. Will Jack be able to find the strength to be the hero the universe needs?

Or will he finally be defeated by this Secret Army?

The Top 5 Ways To Deal With Harry Potter Withdrawal 

It’s a bittersweet experience when one finishes reading a book series that is absolutely amazing. In a way, you’re glad, because you got to experience the entire story. But in another way, you’re sad, because now what the heck are you supposed to read? I know this was the case when I finished the Harry Potter series. But don’t worry, I made it through the withdrawal of Wogwarts and all the magical adventures of Harry, Ron, and Hermione, and you can too! Here are the top 5 ways you can deal with Harry Potter withdrawal… 

#5: Do A Harry Potter Movie Marathon – There are eight movies to enjoy after the books are over. And the fact that the movies are nowhere near as good as the books helps to ween you off the Harry Potter high you previously experienced. 

#4: Learn Real Magic – One of the cool things about Harry Potter is that he’s a wizard. Well, even though you might not be able to cast spells like him, you can learn some cool magic tricks that not only give you a new skillset, but makes you quite popular at parties. 

#3: Write Some Fan Fiction – It doesn’t matter if you can’t write or not. Chances are you had some ideas of new adventures for Harry and the crew, so why not share them with the world? Writing fan fiction can be fun, and a good way to develop writing skills so that you can eventually work on original pieces. Just ask E.L. James and Cassandra Clare! 

#2: Badmouth The Series On The Internet Anonymously – The internet is wonderful for allowing one’s inner jerk to run free. And nothing helps one move on from a beloved series by nit-picking the crap out of it until all you can think about is the stuff you hate! Just make a throwaway account on Reddit and go to the Harry Potter board and let all your gripes fly! Trust me, you’ll get plenty of support, and before you know it, you’ll be SO over your desire to read more of the series. 

#1: Start A Similar Book Series To Harry Potter – Though nothing can fill the void that Harry has left in your soul, there are lots of series out there than can be a good replacement and help fill that void. Take my series, Earthman Jack, for instance. Reviewers are calling it “Harry Potter meets Star Wars,” and it is a fun, funny, exciting young adult science fiction adventure. Just like Harry Potter, it has magic, romance, mystery, action, and lots of twists and turns. If you check it out, I’m sure you’ll have a new addiction in no time! 

See how easy that was? Now that you’ve kicked your Harry Potter addiction, maybe it’s time to seek help for all your drug and alcohol problems, don’t ‘cha think? 

Remember, the first step in recovery is admitting you have a problem. 

Aboutthe author:
Matthew Kadish is a Renaissance man, certified evil genius, and novelist. Much like Scottish cuisine, the bulk of his creations are based on dares. He is the most talented writer ever. His mother tells him so every day. Get a free copy of his book Earthman Jack vs. The Ghost Planet at www.EarthmanJack.com. His latest novel, Earthman Jack vs. The Secret Army, is available now.

Matthew Kadish is an independent author and world-recognized evil genius. When he isn't writing or being evil, he enjoys relaxing at the beach and videos of puppies. Much like Scottish cuisine, most of his literary works have been based on dares. He currently lives in Las Vegas and always bets on black, because Westley Snipes has yet to steer him wrong in life. He is the most talented author ever. His mother tells him so every day. 

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