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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Alone. Devastated. Abandoned. - Empty Cup by Suzanne Costigan

“…Sure to prompt reflection and provocative discussions on important issues.” - Allan Stratton, author of Leslie’s Journal
“Not an easy story, but an important one. Compelling, powerful, and engaging.” - Eric Walters, author of Power Play.


Mom’s new boyfriend is creepy.

On the night of her seventeenth birthday, Raven finds out he isn’t just creepy, he’s dangerous. He leaves Raven broken and bleeding, but Mom blames her for what happened. She kicks Raven out of the house with nothing but a blanket to protect her from a frigid winter night.


As Raven struggles with the aftermath of the ultimate betrayal, she seeks solace in her imagination and a teacher who seems to understand her situation. She ultimately discovers that her world won’t change if she relies upon someone else to do it. Real change begins within.

Difficult issues- beautiful story 

"It's a difficult read." These are words I hear often after someone has read Empty Cup

The story covers several social issues and looks at them through the eyes of its seventeen-year-old protagonist, Raven. She deals with a dysfunctional relationship with her mother, sexual assault from her mother's boyfriend, homelessness, issues with friends, and an inappropriate relationship with an authority figure, amongst others. 

Writers are told to hurt their characters, and hurt Raven, I did. Repeatedly. It was heart wrenching at times to put Raven through so many bad turns. However, she grew from each experience. She learned about her own inner strength. She learned valuable lessons along the way about who to depend on, who counts, what's important, and discovered her own survival instincts to get through each languishing situation after another. That's where the beauty comes in, realizing that even in the midst of one betrayal after another, someone can survive, can grow, and have hope. 

I think everyone can relate to this story on some level. Anyone can have harsher experiences in life, or an easier time in life, but no one has a perfectly happy life. Everyone has situations that they need to grow from. It's important to look at difficult situations and know that this too shall pass. It's the ability to fill our own empty cups that makes us stronger.

About the author:
Suzanne Costigan is a child welfare advocate, supporting high risk children in her home, and an active member of the Winnipeg writing community. Empty Cup is her first novel.

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Teresa said...

I love the excerpt. Sounds like a great book

Anonymous said...

If you give it a read, I'd love to hear from you :)

Suzanne Costigan