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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Review and Giveaway: Knight of Light (The Watchers Book 1) by Deirdra Eden


It's been a while since I enjoyed so much reading a fairy tale. Well, fairy tale in a way regarding the characters and the creatures that we encounter in the world created by Deirdra. A world in which England’s medieval and chilvarous time is combined with the Celtic fantasy world (and many more). A world where evil happens, the brutality that was characteristic to medieval times is not spared, prejudice and loss being found their place in the story and offering to it realism and motivation.

The rhythm varies according to the needs of the scenario, and those that seem to be moments of respite, the romantic part, are fleeting ones, but motivate the reasons for changes in direction. I hope the next volumes will bring their fruition and what seems now lost forever to be just that, a phase. I liked that the author did not forget to sneak figures of speech and descriptions that emphasize the moments and moods of the characters.

The heroine is not exempt from pain and anguish. In addition to her main fear to be what she does not want to be, she will have her fair share of losses and suffering that will feed her emotions and will influence her future decisions. The secondary characters are varied, attractive and fit to be loved.

Another thing that I liked was that the names of places and people used by the author made me to look for explanations and correspondences in Christian and universal mythology.

Having in view that I read with much pleasure this first volume of the series The Watchers even if I am not a young adult reader anymore, I can only tell you one thing: try it!

About the author:

Deirdra has spent the last decade captivating audiences of all ages with her novels and fairy tales. Her specialty is paranormal theology that delves into documented historical phenomenon and natural disasters of biblical proportions that entices indulgence of a fine line between fact and fantasy.

Deirdra enjoys jousting in arenas, sword fighting and archery, planning invasions, horseback riding through open meadows, swimming in the ocean, hiking up mountains, camping in cool shady woods, climbing trees barefoot, and going on adventures with her family.

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