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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Happy Release Day! Excerpt and Giveaway: Even in Death: A Short Story Collection by Kristy Feltenberger Gillespie

Description: 15+

Even In Death, a collection of ten short stories, explores the thin line between love and hate; extreme emotions even death cannot destroy.

Julie wants nothing more than to receive a flower bouquet from the hometown veterinarian. However, in “A Flower Story,” flowers are delivered long after a person is alive to smell them.

After purchasing their dream home, Sara and David feel truly blessed. Unfortunately, the couple soon discovers they’ve inherited a wicked curse. In fact, in “What’s Really There,” the former residents’ spirits refuse to move on.

In the title story, on the anniversary of his fiancés’ death, Mark realizes that he can see and communicate with spirits, including Amy’s. Can Mark and Amy’s love survive even in death?

“A Flower Story,” “What’s Really There,” and “Even In Death,” as well as the other seven stories in the collection are rife with emotion that will linger well after the last page.


     When Angelica adjusts her sunglasses, Olivia notices her best friend’s black eye.
    “Oh, sweetie, what happened?” Olivia reaches across the sticky table for Angelica’s hands but she moves them quickly; as if Olivia’s touch is a flame that will burn her beyond recognition.
     Angelica chews on her bottom lip. “Nothing.”
     “I’m worried about you.”
     “There’s nothing to worry about, Olivia.” She separates the ‘O’ from the ‘livia.’
     A spunky orange haired waitress arrives at their table. Her name tag reads “Bad Susie” with a little devil sticker next to it. “Can I take your order?”
     “Plain coffee, please,” Olivia says.
     “Same here,” Angelica says.
      Susie places a hand on her hip. “You sure you don’t want pancakes? Eggs and toast?”
      They shake their heads.
      Bad Susie tilts her head, focusing on Angelica. “You’re worth so much more.”
    “What?” Angelica winces.
    “You’re wearing sunglasses indoors, long sleeves and jeans, and it’s like eighty degrees outside. And your makeup is only partially covering your bruises. Obviously your boyfriend is a beater. Just know you’re worth more than that.” Before Angelica has a chance to respond, Susie moves to the next table.

About the author:
Kristy Feltenberger Gillespie lives in Warrenton, Virginia with her husband, two cats, and three dachshunds. She’s a middle school counselor, graduate student at Longwood University, (pursuing a degree in School Library Media) blogger, short story and Young Adult novel writer. When she’s not working, she’s traveling or dreaming of traveling. She’s been on several cross country road trips with her mom. In fact, Hawaii and Alaska are the only states she hasn’t been to.


erin said...

this looks and sounds awesome :) Congrats to Kristy on the new release!

Cheryl R said...

Great New release! For the Author: I lived in Alaska for 3 1/2 years make sure you make time to go there!

Unknown said...

Hum, I'd like to visit Hawaii and Alaska, too. :)

Unknown said...

Thanks so much CCAM, Erin, CHeryl and Kah ;) Send me an email if any of you would like a free copy for a review ;)

Unknown said...

Awesome! Thank you :)

collenga said...

Beautiful cover and awesome excerpt! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the chance!