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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Happy Release Day! Guest Post and Giveaway A Breath of Winter (Araneae Nation #4) by Hailey Edwards


There’s no easy cure for a love of epidemic proportions.

Araneae Nation, Book 4

Zuri and her mercenary brothers had a simple mission. Transport a captured harbinger to Erania and collect the bounty. But this job turns out to be anything but easy.

Their welcome to the northland is nothing short of frigid. A scuffle with border guards and her prisoner’s attempted escape leave Zuri injured—and she and her brothers stuck in quarantine. Worse, the bounty comes with silken strings attached. Strings held by a scientist with a daring, dangerous plan.

Because Zuri and her prisoner barged in before his fail-safes were in place, Henri had no choice but to lock them all down until he’s sure there’s no risk of spreading plague. He’d planned to study the harbinger, but it’s the mercenary holding the leash who intrigues him the most.

When Henri’s experiment goes awry, they learn they’ve all been pawns in a plan with one goal: bring the Araneae Nation to its knees. Zuri is forced to make a choice that could sign her death warrant—or sacrifice everyone she loves.

Warning: This book contains a chair-bound heroine who won’t let anyone—least of all a man—push her around. Expect tea-drinking, net-tossing, and knife-wielding. Should you feel compelled to indulge in a bear ride, please keep your hands on the reins and your feet in the stirrups. Author not responsible for possible maulings. 

Lovable Heroines 

While heroes make romance novels delicious to read, heroines make or break books for me. Part of that is the desire to see strong female characters. The other part is… How can I respect a hero who falls for a TSTL heroine? If he’s a hot badass, then his girlfriend should kick ass too. Here are a few traits I associate with strong female leads and the series that match up to the ideal. 

1. Smart – Sirantha Jax (Sirantha Jax by Ann Aguirre) Jax is rough around the edges, but you would expect that from a woman who puts her sanity at risk every time she employs her gift—the ability to jump ships through grimspace. She’s also whip-smart and a smart ass. 

2. Brave – Elena Michaels (Women of the Otherworld by Kelly Armstrong) Elena was an emotionally scarred human when a werewolf decided she was his mate—whether she wanted to be or not. He turned her, making her the only living female werewolf and a prize for any wolf stupid enough to think her mate, Clay, would ever give her up without a fight. It took a lot of bravery for her to survive not only the change, but her new life among otherworldly creatures she had no idea existed. 

3. Clever – Dante Valentine – (Dante Valentine by Lilith Saintcrow) This series fascinated me. Dante is a necromancer for hire and finds herself in league with the devil. The way she communes with the dead was beautifully written and interesting since it had Egyptian roots, which I haven’t seen all that often. Anyone who makes a deal with the devil must be clever in order to survive the bargain. 

4. Dangerous – Jacinda Valchek (The Bloodhound Files by DD Barant) Jace is a profiler for the FBI who gets tossed into a parallel universe where vamps, were, and interestingly enough, golems, live alongside humans. I have a weakness for UF police procedurals, and this is a good one. Jace is one dangerous lady with an affinity for firearms, and I don’t blame her. Being ripped from the fabric of your world would give anyone a hair-trigger. 

5. Resourceful – (Mercy Thompson by Patricia Briggs) Mercy is a coyote shifter, a walker, who knows she isn’t a heavyweight like her husband the werewolf or her friend the vampire or any number of the Fae and demons populating her world. She’s a hard-working, no-nonsense VW mechanic with the sense to call in the big guns when needed. See, she has a nasty habit of sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong. Lucky for her, she’s wily enough to bargain herself out of almost any situation. 

Share a favorite heroine or attribute with me and you’ll be entered to win your choice of one title from my backlist in any digital format.

About the author:
Born in the Deep South, Hailey is a lifelong resident of Alabama. Her husband works for the local sheriff’s department and her daughter is counting down the days until she’s old enough to audition for American Idol. Their dachshund, Poochie, helps Hailey write by snoozing on his dog bed in her office. 

Her desire to explore without leaving the comforts of home fueled her love of reading and writing. Whenever the itch for adventure strikes, Hailey can be found with her nose glued to her Kindle’s screen or squinting at her monitor as she writes her next happily-ever-after.

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