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Friday, December 13, 2013

Guest Post and Giveaway Desprite Measures (The Caledonian Sprite Series #1) by Deborah Jay


On the surface she's a cute and feisty blonde, a slender pocket rocket fitness coach. But Cassiopeia Lake has a secret; she's really a force of nature – an elemental.

Water sprite, Cassie, has lived undisturbed in her native Scottish loch for eons. Now, one encounter too many with modern plumbing has driven her to live in human guise along with her selkie boyfriend, Euan. It’s all going fine - until a nerdy magician captures Cassie to be an unwilling component in his crazy dangerous experiment.

Escape is only Cassie’s first challenge. 

She’s smitten by her fellow prisoner, the scorching hot fire elemental, Gloria. But how do you love someone you can never touch? 

And what do you do when your boyfriend starts to hero-worship your persecutor? Not to mention that tricky situation of being the prize in a power contest between two rival covens of witches.

So when Gloria’s temper erupts and she sets out to murder the magician, can Cassie keep her loved ones safe from the cross-fire, or will she be sucked into the maelstrom of deadly desires and sink without trace?

From Fairy Tales to Urban Fantasy
Fairy tales. 

Cute little ladies in sparkly tutus waving magic wands that sprinkle fairy dust? 

Walt Disney has a lot to answer for.

To be fair to Disney, the Victorians were probably more to blame, taking a story form that has been around for thousands of years and changing it into something that did a far better job of comforting children and sending them to sleep, rather than terrifying them into wakefulness.

Yes, the fairies of old were far from those cute wand-waving little creatures – they were a malevolent, elemental force, haunting and abducting humans who fell under their spell.

But does a fairy tale need fairies? 

Apparently not. According to such luminaries as J. R. R. Tolkein (yes, the guy who wrote Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit) fairy tales need magic, fantastical beings, happenings, and places – with the occasional human being along for the ride. They can most certainly include fairies, but it’s not a requirement.

Enter what we call Urban Fantasy – by any other name, modern day fairy tales. Some great television series have aired in recent years, making the nod to historical fairy tales – Once Upon A Time and Grimm stand out – but they can just as easily be called urban fantasy.

Vampires, werewolves, shifters and fey, in fact all manner of paranormal beings fill the pages of our favourite urban fantasies, and many of the tales are dark and edging into horror, much as did the old fairy tales.

Because who doesn’t like to be scared, especially when we’re sitting in our cosy homes, secure in the knowledge that despite what we’re watching or reading, we’re really safe.

Or are we?
Courtesy of Just1pin

About the author:
Deborah Jay writes fast-paced fantasy adventures featuring quirky characters and multi-layered plots – just what she likes to read. 

Living mostly on the UK South coast, she has already invested in her ultimate retirement plan – a farmhouse in the majestic, mystery-filled Scottish Highlands where she retreats to write when she can find time. Her taste for the good things in life is kept in check by the expense of keeping too many dressage horses, and her complete inability to cook. 

Her debut novel, epic fantasy THE PRINCE’S MAN, first in a trilogy and winner of a UK Arts Board award, was published in July 2013, with THE PRINCE’S SON due out summer 2014. 

Urban fantasy, DESPRITE MEASURES, is the opening novel of the five book CALEDONIAN SPRITE SERIES. 

She also has non-fiction equestrian titles published in her professional name of Debby Lush.

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Unknown said...

Thank you for the giveaway. Great guest post from Deborah Jay. My son in law is addicted to Once Upon a time, an I love watching Grimm among many others when they come along, but mostly I love reading them. I look forward to reading your book.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cover. Great giveaway and interesting description. I hope to read it, because sounds very good.

Unknown said...

I love this cover. It's perfect! ♥

Lupu Diana said...

Thank for the giveaway.

Kai said...

Stunning bookcover. Thanks for the interview and the giveaway. Love that background information from the book.

Unknown said...

Look forward to reading your work.