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Monday, February 3, 2020

what I like to call... Love's Deception by DC Renee

"I really want to try to put into words how much I enjoyed this book! I literally could not put it down! I know from experience that this author loves to throw a major twist in and right when you settle in and think you know where it’s headed... boom! She throws in another!!!" Heather, Goodreads


Published: January 27th, 2020

For someone who wasn’t the “dating kind,” he had certainly done a bang-up job of wooing me. Dating, marriage … the whole nine yards. I’d fallen hard. I couldn’t help it. Nolan Corrington was gorgeous, charming, sweet, and he loved me with a passion I’d never felt before. It was inevitable on my end.

He tried to fight his love for me. I was the first girl he ever let in because he’d vowed never to love. He didn’t want the fallout a heartbreak would create. But he said dating me, marrying me, loving me … the whole nine yards was inevitable for him too.

With a love like that, there could be no room for heartbreak, right?

Well, see … that’s the thing about loving someone so hard. You don’t always share everything about yourself, at least not until it’s too late … until the person is so deep inside you that you hope they won’t want to leave. That’s what I like to call love’s deception.

And that’s what Nolan counted on.

What could go wrong? Oh, only everything … only the one thing he feared in the first place … heartbreak. Too bad it wasn’t just a matter of walking away … it was more, a lot more. It was life, death, and everything in between. It was love, and it was deception. 

love SHOULD BE this beautiful, wonderful thing. It was supposed to consume you, make you feel light as air, give you butterflies in your stomach, provide a confidence you didn’t know you possessed, and make you look like you glow from the inside out.
At least that was what cheesy rom-coms and unrealistic fiction stories taught us about love.
When I finally fell in love, I expected fireworks, songs dancing in my head, and rose-colored glasses.
What I actually got was pain.
Love hurt.

About the author:
DC Renee is a financial analyst by day, and an indie author by night. She’s been writing since she was a child, from poems to short stories, even fan fictions. She published her first book in March of 2014, and it hit the Amazon top 100 list in Contemporary Romance Fiction several times. Naturally, she loves to read! She also loves spending time with her hubby and their new baby girl, as well as her immediate family (in-laws included!). She speaks Russian fluently, and it might come with the territory, but she loves watching hockey. Go Kings! DC is really thankful for all the support she receives from her family, friends and most of all her readers and fans. She hopes you enjoy her books as much as she enjoys writing them. 

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CJ said...

This cover is really pretty.... Good luck on the tour! :)

Michele S. said...

What a lovely cover.. so pretty.. makes me want to check this book out.. best wishes....

Nancy Payette said...

Sounds mysterious

Laura said...

That cover sure says a lot about the book. LOL Sounds like fun.

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Looks good.