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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

If you had the power... Jungle Beauty Goddesses Series by C. G. Sturges

The Jungle Beauty Goddesses were free-spirited goddesses who enjoyed their freedom as the youngest children—and the last deities born to their parents—creators of the universe. 


Pretty Blue (#1)

If you were given planet Earth as a gift to develop its life forms—would the world be a better place than it is today? What would your primary expectation and goal be for each human? Would you give them free will or plan their destiny? Would you demand that your humans worship you as their creator? Would you be available to assuage their every desire; and acquiesce to their demands, prayers, and wishes? Would you grow to resent them for living the life you imagined? 

The Jungle Beauty Goddesses were free-spirited goddesses who enjoyed their freedom as the youngest children—and the last deities born to their parents—creators of the universe. Per the family tradition of being awarded a planet, the septuplets were given planet Earth as a gift for their birthday. Their siblings, also gods and goddesses of the universe since the beginning of time, warn them about the challenges of selflessness, power, worship, and divine duty. 

The seven sisters struggle to maintain their own freedom as limitless beings, while sibling rivalry makes it difficult to accept their collective duty to fulfill the family obligation to the deity-hood as creators for planets. 

The entire universe threatens to collapse due to their negligence and disobedience. They question the boundaries of their divine powers as they ponder whether it is possible to mold a being to be superior to its creator. 

Aquatic Ball (#2)

Sometimes your worst nightmare is having everything you ever wanted. Upon visiting planet Earth, the Jungle Beauty Goddesses discover that the life forms they created are in danger of extinction, and an unforeseen dominant species has positioned itself to take dominion. 

Unprepared and disillusioned about how to access their highest vibrational frequency; the Jungle Beauty Goddesses face their own demise. 

The only way they can save themselves, their planet, and ultimately the universe is by managing to align with their deity powers and the wisdom of their highest selves in the face of their worst fears, disappointments, and betrayals. 

Dirty Ball (#3)

If you had the power to make anyone in the world fall in love with you—would you? Jungle Beauty Goddess Afar revokes her deity vows and takes her destiny into her own hands by participating in the life she was born to create for others. 

Afar embraces the deepest, darkest nuances of her shadow self with brutality, dignity, and integrity. She brazenly unleashes the murkiest qualities of the human condition and leaves the chaos for her unsuspecting sisters to clean up or suffer the consequences of losing the planet given to them by their parents--creators of the universe. 

Jungle Beauty Goddess Afar’s actions give a new meaning to the saying, “Hell has no fury like a woman scorned.”

Author's self-interview

What did you do on your last birthday? 
My Uncle Lee died on my birthday. I hadn’t spoken to my first cousin in over 30 years. I called her to give my condolences and we reconnected and shared some fun and tumultuous childhood memories. Additionally, I was helping someone write their book, while my own book, Dirty Ball was unfinished. After my uncle died, I informed this person that I would no longer be able to help them. Within a few weeks, I began to finish writing “Dirty Ball” book 3. 

What part of the writing process do you dread? 
Getting started! Sequestering myself from friends and family; finding the right music, gemstones, candles, incense, oils, and rituals are all things I struggle with when I am sitting down to write. Once I surf the Internet, watch videos, read articles, eat a snack, pour some wine--set the mood, I am ready to write. I dread editing next—but getting started—writing the first word-- ohhhh god! – I dread it. 

Tell us about your latest release. 
It has taken me 7 years to write Jungle Beauty Goddesses Book 1 Pretty Blue Ball; Book 2 Aquatic Ball; and Book 3 Dirty Ball. Dirty Ball is the prequel to Aquatic Ball. It is a modern day coming of age, creation story that tells a tall tale about modern human concerns such as race relations, law of attraction, global warming; free will verses destiny and the power of love. However, book 3, Dirty Ball focuses more on an alternate history of the Adam and Eve story and the creation of different races. Book 3 is a Twin Flame love story that will make you question your own jealousy and the dark side of what it means to love another. The Jungle Beauty Goddess Series is my dialogue with the universe as to whether or not I could have done a better job creating planet Earth and all of its life forms.


Nebula lifted the soup spoon out of the pot, so swiftly and ferociously, that she shoved Namib and Sinai to the side. Nebula charged Dematter with the spoon in her hand. She frantically beat him in the chest with the spoon, as she yelled, “You have destroyed this family. I hate you. You animal! You beast! You are not a creator—you are a destroyer. You are evil. I hate you. You are the devil! You took my babies from me and I will never forgive you for that. You monster!”

Nebula alternated beating Dematter in the chest with the spoon with kicking him. Dematter’s massive chest withstood every punch. While Nebula was beating Dematter, he thought to himself, that he would rather feel Nebula beat him --than not have her touch him at all. He would rather hear her angry words curse him-- than not hear her voice at all. He would rather know that she hate him-- than to have never known that she had once loved him. And he would rather feel her pain-- than feel nothing at all.
About the author:
Cassandra George Sturges is the author of "A Woman's Soul on Paper," "Success & Beauty is an Attitude," "The Illusion of Beauty: Why Women Hate Themselves & Envy Other Women," and "Why Racism is a Mental Illness." For many years, she was an advice columnist for Today's Black Woman Magazine and is currently a full-time psychology and sociology professor at a college in the mid-west. She is a high school dropout who graduated with her General Education Diploma and eventually earned five college degrees including two masters and a doctorate degree. In her late forties, she began making life-size fabric sculpture, cloth dolls that turned out to be the main characters in her Jungle Beauty Goddesses coming of age, modern creation Nubian Mythology fantasy fiction, sensuous, romantic series. She is the mother of two adult children, a grandmother, and for over 20-years has shared her life with her twin flame.

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