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Thursday, January 9, 2020

The game has begun, rules will be broken... The Games We Play by Lorrain Allen

18++ "I loved this story. [...] I loved Lorrain's style of writing, this is my second book by her and I will continue to grab her books as they come out. You will love this, not your typical story but instead deep and meaningful, painful and intense, sexy and happy all at once." Pauline, Goodreads


Published: January 3rd, 2020

Jada's fairytale marriage went to hell in a handbasket when her husband started being unfaithful. The last few years have been a nightmare for her. Ben doesn't hide his extra martial activities, after concluding Jada wouldn't do a damn thing about it.

The wheels in Jada's head begin to turn with her best friend's words--Cheat back, beat Ben at his own game. Jada wasn't sure she had the nerve to follow through, but she wanted Ben to get a taste of his own medicine. She meets two completely different men--Wayne, a successful businessman and Elijah, a starving artist following his dreams in the Big Apple.

It's all a game was Jada's thoughts when she crossed that invisible line, but little did she know her choice would cause a chain reaction causing her heartbreak.

The game has begun, rules will be broken, and secrets will be revealed. There are multiple players, but only one can win. The games start in five, four, three, two, one.

Warning: This book contains graphic sexual scenes.
This is a standalone book.


He bends down to retrieve the cup and the paintbrushes to place on the small table he moved by the easel. He walks over to the daybed then repositions it to lie flat. [...]. It’s easy to see his control is slipping. [...] Eli doesn’t move. He hasn’t taken his eyes off me from the moment he turned around to see me standing naked except for my neon high heels.
“Are you ready to start?”
Eli doesn’t respond.
It’s like he’s hypnotized.
“Eli,” I call louder.
[...] The expression on his face terrifies and excites me at the same time. He’s opening and closing his hands at his side. His body is rigid, tight as a taut wire about to pop.
“Are you ready to start?”
His answer is to sit on the stool.
“How long will it take?” I ask softly.
Maybe I’ve taken this a bit too far. I didn’t anticipate his reaction being this strong.
“I’ll be done in a few hours,” he answers as he starts to paint.
His hand is gripped tight around the paintbrush. His first few strokes are jerky and uncoordinated. He stops painting, closes his eyes then takes a few deep breaths. He wipes his left hand down his face. He replaces the canvas with a new one to start over. This time, his grip on the paintbrush is lighter; his strokes are purposeful and sure. Eli’s concentration is profound, the look on his face impassioned as he paints my body.
“The painting is done,” Eli says, standing.

About the author: 
Lorrain has enjoyed writing ever since she was a child and was also part of the poetry club in middle school. She loves to get away from the world and lose herself in a book. As a young adult, she became a romance book junky and was inspired to pen her first romance by the many creative authors whose books she's read. She wants to provide her fans with a suspenseful read that has a twist at the end. The subject matters of her books are a little controversial, but life is boring without a little controversy. 

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I love the cover!

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This cover is fabulous. Strong. Sexy. Classy.

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Sounds great, I like the cover.

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The cover portrays a very strong female character.
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The cover looks great. I like it

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Sounds good

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The cover is fantastic. The storyline full of drama. Best wishes to the author on the new release.

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I just love your cover.