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Friday, November 10, 2017

bloodthirsty gods and monsters get in her way... Black Goat Blues (The Mythos War #2) by Levi Black

about book #1 Visceral and creepy, Red Right Hand is a sincerely twisted tale that’s every bit as thrilling as it is macabre. ―Cherie Priest, bestselling author of Boneshaker and Maplecroft
A merge of horror and dark fantasy that will grab you by the throat! ―Faith Hunter, New York Times bestselling author of the Jane Yellowrock series.


Published: November 7th, 2017

In Red Right Hand, Charlie Tristan Moore was thrust into a nightmarish world of lurking Lovecraftian horrors when The Man In Black, a diabolical Elder God, chose her as his unwilling Acolyte. Discovering her own power, Charlie ultimately defied The Man In Black, but at a cost.
Now armed with a magic coat made from the skin of a flayed angel, Charlie is out to destroy The Man In Black and save her boyfriend Daniel--and she doesn't care how many bloodthirsty gods and monsters get in her way...


My headspace goes white as my heart starts to hammer in my chest. All I can smell is the bouncer’s body spray. Tyler’s body spray. It fills my nose and I can’t breathe. 

Can’t think. 

My brain feels like it’s jittering in my skull in time with the sudden, rabbit-fast beat of my heart and that thought I trapped a moment ago roars out of the vault, trying to claw-dig its way through my cerebral cortex, to burrow deep and complete. 

Think. THINK. 
I open and close my hands, flexing my fingers. 
I can move. 
I swing my arms, shaking them. From a distance I hear the sizzle of magick at the end of my right one. 
I survived. This is not then. I am fine. Fine. Fine. 
I feel the coat rustling around me. I am standing. 
Tyler’s dead. They’re all dead. All the bastards who hurt me are d-e-a-d dead. 

The thought splits the panic wide open, pulling me back to myself. I come back with a gulp of oxygen in my lungs, dragging it in and pushing out the tinny taste of built-up carbon dioxide. My skin is clammy, damp, and it feels twitchy under my clothes, but I can see and, most important, I can think in a straight line again. 

The bouncer hasn’t moved. 
Only a second, maybe three at the most, has gone by. Even if it felt like an eternity of panic, it was a blink of an eye. No time at all. Thankfully it’s been so quick no one has come in behind me. I’m two steps back from the bouncer, but I can still smell him. Sax body spray. Boy’s Nite Out scent. The choice of douchebags everywhere. 

That’s not true. I’m projecting. I can’t help it. 
I wish they would retire that damn scent. It’s been around over ten years now. Trust me, I know. 
The coat rustles around me, sensing my tension. I smooth my hands down it, trying to calm it, and realize that rustling is its way of caressing me, trying to calm me down. 
I’ve got this, I think to it. 
I do.


Red Right Hand is a perfect blend of old-school horror and modern storytelling sorcery. Levi Black is absolutely riveting! ―Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of Predator One and Deadlands: Ghostwalkers.

Red Right Hand is a beautiful, terrifying nightmare of a book. Stylish and nerve-wracking, it held me constantly in an iron grip as I read it...and has yet to let me go. More, Levi Black! ―Nancy Holder, New York Times bestselling author of The Rules

Levi Black’s Red Right Hand is a perfect fusion of noir, action and horror. Urban decay, Lovecraftian madness and emotional desperation are only a few of the ingredients in the mix that powers this breakout novel. The engine on this beast is burning high-octane fuel and running hot. Highly recommended! ―James A. Moore, author of the Seven Forges Series and Alien: Sea of Sorrows

Sleek, savage and brutally well-written, Black's story hurtles you into a world where the elder gods view humans as expendable playthings or tasty snacks. Even as you obsessively turn the pages, you'll be rooting for good to triumph over endless evil. A brilliant blend of horror and urban fantasy, Red Right Hand proves that truth is chaos, and hell is only a tentacle away. ―Jana Oliver, award-winning author of the Demon Trappers series

About the author:
Levi Black lives in Metro Atlanta with his wife and an array of toys, books, records, and comics. He's been weird his whole life and is almost as scary as he looks. Red Right Hand is his first novel.

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