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Monday, May 22, 2017

Some things are better left in the shadows - Black Dawn by Mallory McCartney

"Twists! Twists! That seems to the motto of the author and I wholeheartedly agree with her. Though it is a very short read, I completed it in 3 hours max!, I recommend this to all fantasy action lovers out there. Don't miss out on a great start to a very good series. I look forward to the sequels with much anticipation." - Floryie, Goodreads


The end of an Empire, the rise of a Queen

Emory Fae enjoys leading a quiet, normal life. That is until two mysterious, and handsome soldiers show up at her apartment, and the life she knew is instantly whisked away. Memphis Carter and Brokk Foster come from the magical and war ridden world of Kiero, and upon Emory's arrival she will discover she is the long-lost heir to the Royal Line and is thrown into the Black Dawn Rebellion with a dynamic role to ignite the rebels and reclaim her throne. 

With both men being darkly woven in her past Emory uncovers hidden secrets, a power held long dormant, and will soon realize there are worse things than supernatural humans, love, loss, betrayal, and a Mad King.

Some things are better left in the shadows.

Fantasy stories the Fairy Tales of the XXI Century 

(do we need fairy tales, how their purpose and construction changed from myths, through Grimm / Charles Perrault stories to present, who read fantasy etc)

Thank you for having me!! I love this question! So personally, growing up in the 90’s I grew up on Disney, and from a young age I had a fascination with fairy tales. This in combination with a love for literature, I couldn’t get enough of finding out about the different folklore from the world, and mythology in general. Though right then and there, I could see the very different sides, from the original Grimm tales to the romanticised versions that Disney retold in the earlier years.

In my teens, I naturally grew up to be a lover of all things fantasy and fairy tale, I couldn’t get enough of epic fantasy books, and movies. I was obsessed with Lord of the Rings, and as I grew older, any remake movie, or fairy tale retelling novel, sign me up! I was right there. 

I’m turning twenty-five this year, and to this day I don’t know where I would be without the magic of folklore and fairy tales. It’s one of the rooted things that made me want to be an author, I wanted to pull from aspects of myths and spin them into my own fantasy. I wanted to recreate that same magic I felt when I was growing up. The transition from the original Grimm stories to re-tellings now is a vital change, because I feel like a lot of authors have moved away from the romanticism of the “Disney’d” versions, and have bared some truths with their own originality. Blending the aspects of darkness, of horror, and strong leads who navigate this, and face and create their own fairy tales by overcoming these obstacles. 

I think in the twenty first centaury we need stories like these. We need to see the Princes and Princesses who save themselves, who fight for the things that they believe in because they want to. We need the dreamers, and the inventors, and the daredevils. And even though they have grown and transitioned with the years, reading books like these, wouldn’t exist without the dark elements of Grimm or the romanticised early years of Disney movies. 

I can’t imagine a world without fairy tales.

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About the author:
Mallory McCartney currently lives in London, Ontario with her husband and their two dachshunds Link and Lola. Black Dawn is her debut novel, the first in a series. When she isn’t working on her next novel or reading, she can be found dog grooming, book shopping and hiking. Other favorite pastimes involve reorganizing perpetually overflowing bookshelves and seeking out new coffee and dessert shops.

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Jan Lee said...

I'm glad this will be a series :) The whole premise to the book sounds intriguing!

Dan Denman said...

I like the book cover. Emory Fae sounds like a great character!