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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

before it’s too late - The Upside of Regret by T.K. Rapp

Brighton and Leah have been the best of friends since seventh grade. Where Brighton is the quiet one who is focused on school, Leah is the bold and daring one who craves the adoration of an audience. It’s always worked for them, until now.


Release Date: May 17th, 2017

Brighton and Leah have been the best of friends since seventh grade. Where Brighton is the quiet one who is focused on school, Leah is the bold and daring one who craves the adoration of an audience. It’s always worked for them, until now.

Heading into their senior year, Brighton is challenged with an opportunity that can change the course of her future. The only problem? She just might have to step out of her best friend’s shadow.

But when Leah doesn’t support the choices she makes, Brighton is forced to reevaluate what true friendship is.

Brighton is changing and exciting doors are opening. A new world of music, friends, and even love are falling at her feet. But it’s hard to enjoy it when Leah’s life is spiraling out of control.

Now Brighton must try to not only save her friendship, but also her friend, before it’s too late.

Where is the limit? 
where is line between what we owe to ourselves and what we owe to our (best) friend/s

I always thought “peer pressure” was a term that applied to me as a teenager. I thought, when you’re an adult, you have it all together and no longer have to deal with the juvenile drama. But that’s a lie. The thing I came to realize as I aged is that it applies to every stage of life. The drama never ends, but I think sometimes you gain the wisdom to spot it and eventually avoid it. Maybe.

Friends are one of the first relationships we develop outside of our family. Before we ever love someone on a romantic level, we love our friends. If we let them in, they are privy to our deepest fears and biggest dreams. They encourage us when we’re in doubt, hold our hands when we’re hurting, and cheer us on when we succeed.

For me, my friends are some of the most cherished people in my life. It’s as important that I am there for them as they are there for me. We’ve seen each other through the trivial and world-altering, and our friendships are stronger than ever for it. 

That’s not to say that I haven’t had to draw a line in the sand a few times. And it’s not always easy. Maybe it’s because we’re more concerned with the fall out and less worried about taking care of ourselves? Whatever the case may be, sometimes you have to end things for your wellbeing, and that’s okay.

The moment that someone leads you astray from who you are, and not for the better, it might be time to question his or her role in your life.

Why is it so important to them that you change?
Is this change going to help you become the person you were meant to be?
Are they changing you to make themselves feel better?

I’ve had some amazing friends in my 39 years. Yes…39. I’ve always been a believer that you have the people in your life, when you have them, for a specific reason. You may not know that reason until the relationship has run its course, but there’s always a reason. And the relationships that I hold to tightest are the ones that have helped me grow into a better person. They have proven time and time again that I am worthy, and I sincerely hope they feel the same from me.

A true friend allows you to grow and change - they celebrate it and encourage you to be your best. They don’t insult you, or put you down to make themselves feel better. And they certainly don’t lead you to trouble. When it comes to someone hurting you, inciting you to hurt others, or encouraging you to be untrue to yourself, it might be time to cut the cord.

When you spend time with your friends, when the night is over and you part ways, you should leave them with a smile and grateful for the time you spent together and eager for the next time. But if you leave and find that you’re feeling lousy about yourself or dreading the next time you see them…it might be time to ask why they’re in your life. 

People should love you as you are and help you become the best version of yourself because you’re amazing.

About the author:
TK Rapp is an author living in Houston, Texas with her husband and two daughters. 

Prior to writing, she spent over ten years as a photographer and photo editor, specializing in wedding album design. She left photography to pursue her dream of writing a story and it was in 2013, she self-published her first novel, Being There. It was a standalone story about long-lost friends finding each other. She has since written both contemporary and young adult novels. 

Rapp grew up in Texas, but has lived in California, South Carolina, and Virginia, all of which serve as inspiration for her writing. With several more works in queue, she doesn't anticipate stepping away from the computer anytime soon, especially since she makes friends with all of her characters. 


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This sounds like an interesting self help book :) I guess you don't always have to be regretful if the choice is beneficial in the long run.