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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

who will set out to rescue her? - The Dragon Archives series by Linda K. Hopkins

" The journey through "Loved by a Dragon" is an adventure of emotions. I laughed, I cried and I was giddy with joy...all the while getting glared at by my husband when I put my hand up telling him to stop talking and interrupting my reading lol! " - Goodreads, Theresa about #3


Bound by a Dragon
At twenty-two, Keira Carver needs to find a husband, but the prospects in her small medieval village are not pretty slim. So when Aaron Drake, a handsome stranger, takes up residence at Storbrook Castle, set deep in the surrounding mountains, Keira takes notice.

Just as interesting is the fact that a fire-breathing dragon has also moved into the neighborhood, and is rumored to live in caves beneath the mountain fortress. 

What exactly is the connection between Aaron Drake and the dragon? And when the dragon rescues her from the unwanted attentions of some village boys, who will set out to rescue her from the huge, scaly, fire-breathing monster?

Pursued by a Dragon
Cathryn Forrester is a medieval business woman, the daughter of a successful wool merchant. She has been groomed from a young age to take over the family business, and has been quite content to let her personal life be directed by what is best for the business – including whom she will marry. And as a calmly pragmatic, infuriatingly stubborn and altogether practical young woman, this suits her just fine. She does not believe in love, after all. 

So when Cathryn meets Favian Drake, a man who knows that love is worth pursuing, her ideas about love and marriage are put to the test. But Cathryn faces her greatest challenge when she discovers that Favian is not exactly who – or what – he appears to be. Can she learn to trust her heart and allow herself to love a dragon? 

Loved by a Dragon
Love is the only thing Aaron, Dragon Master, truly fears. And when a scaly, fire-breathing monster loves a frail human being, matters become even more complicated. As Aaron faces a rogue dragon who is terrorizing the city, he and Keira must face their deepest fears about each other and themselves. 

But danger is always just around the corner, and Anna, Keira’s sister, is not immune. Insecure, immature, and only seventeen, Anna has her own issues to deal with – especially when she meets Max, Aaron’s clansman. Her response to him in immediate, intense and irrational. 

Will her insecurities lead her to a life of misery, or can she grow up enough to face what she really feels. 

Dance with a Dragon
When Max flew away from Anna in a blazing stream of flame, she was determined to forget the shape-shifting, fire-breathing dragon. But five years have passed, and still his memory leaves an ache in her heart. A memory that Garrick Flynn, her childhood friend, would love to erase. When given the chance to travel to the city, the center of medieval life, Anna jumps at the opportunity. But danger and intrigue are never far away as she joins the royal court and serves as companion to the queen. 

Is it possible to have a second chance at the deep and passionate love she once scorned? 

Dragons Old and New

My name is Linda K. Hopkins, author of The Dragon Archives. Set in the medieval period, these tales tell of the dragons that roamed the earth in days gone by. Beasts who could hide themselves in the human realm. 

Dragons appear in mythical legends around the world. The monsters of Western Europe are usually huge, fire-breathing beasts with wings that sprang from their backs. They ravaged the countryside, destroying homes and fields and devouring young maidens. In Greek mythology, dragons are associated with the gods, the most fearsome being Typhon, human from the waist up. The dragons of Eastern culture differ slightly in appearance. Long and serpentine, they floated on the air, rather than flying with wings, and are not the fire-breathing monsters of the west. Indeed, eastern dragons are benevolent, and usually bring blessings. 

As dragons became more feared, and were hunted with weapons that became more and more lethal, dragons had to adapt or die. And adapt they did – into creatures that could wear either human or dragon guise. Not all dragon shapeshifters are true dragons. Some are humans who, for various reasons, can take on dragon form. Others, like the dragons of the Archives, are beasts that can shift into human form. They are smart and cunning, and like their ancestors, dragons are incredibly fast – so fast they fly across the sky at speeds too fast for the human eye. Not all dragons have retained the ability to breathe fire, although most have, and like humans, some dragons live only to serve their own purposes, while others serve the greater good. But all dragons have the ability to love – and be loved in return. And who does not love the romance of beauty and the beast? 

Book #1 is available for Free 

About the author:
Linda K. Hopkins lives in Calgary, Canada, in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains, with her husband and two daughters, but originally hails from South Africa, and also spent a few years living in England. Linda loves reading, dark chocolate, coffee and travel. Sometimes she even tinkers on the piano, but sadly, her teenage daughter is the better musician!

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