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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Saint Valentine (Sinful Saints) by Rain Murphy

Sinful Saints
Saint Valentine 
Saint Valentine is not the saint he would have everyone believe him to be. 


Published: February 13th, 2016

Saint Valentine is not the saint he would have everyone believe him to be. In his madness he cursed three bloodlines: the Vampire, the Servant, and the Mate. What he had not considered was their free will. Once his creation discovered his many lies, they killed him on February 14th, a day they celebrate still. 

River Sinclair has been given the power, in addition to the responsibility, to lead, care for, and control the Vampires; however, his Mate is the only entity that can complete him. River, among other Vampires, is destined to mate with a cursed bloodline that has eluded the Vampires for virtually fifteen centuries. 

Rae thought herself an ordinary human until the day this strangely dressed man came walking into her bar. Rae soon discovers all the secrets that her family has been keeping from her, including her true nature and the meaning behind her name.

Sinful Saints: Saint Dragoness

Eerie Dragoness was born to a poor peasant family. She was never a proper Saint, she was too self-serving. Saint Dragoness was intelligent beyond her years combined with her outrageous experiments, served both worthy and harmful to her. 

Goddess Jennica gave Saint Dragoness’s creations a new and better way of life. Tazzy, one of Saint Dragoness’s original Dragons mourned for his Saint Dragoness. He even contemplated death as a way out of his mourning, until the day he met his Keeper.

Scout was mistaken about her ordinary life. She learned that she was to be a Dragon Keeper, and all that that encompassed. Scout was born to be exceptional she just didn’t know it, --- Yet. 

About the author:
Rain Murphy Author of the series, “Sinful Saints” published by Anchor Group Publishing, is also the author of the “DECIDING ISLAND SERIES” also published by Anchor Group Publishing. Rain won the 2014 “Top Clean Read” & made Amazon’s top seller list. Her books are geared toward adults, young and old, with the sexual passages inferred. It will appeal to lovers of fiction, fantasy, and mythological creatures. 

Rain holds an Associate of Applied Business in Business Management and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. 

When Rain is not writing, reading, or promoting one of her two series you can find her spending all her time with her children and grandchildren. They like to camp, kayak, spent time on the beach and have fun plotting her next book.

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