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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Sometimes even magic needs a little help. - The Claus Box Set by Tony Bertauski

The Claus Box Set

Now you can purchase all three books in the Claus Series together!


Nicholas Santa
Born in the late 1700s, Nicholas Santa set out with his wife, Jessica, and son, Jon, to become the first people to journey to the North Pole. However, they discover something much more than snow. Nicholas finds himself in the middle of an elven conflict. And we discover how he becomes the immortal and mythical figure known as Santa Claus. Why does he wear a red coat? Why is he fat? Why does he laugh like that? It all makes sense.

Characterized by a long white braid, Jocah is an elder elven that serves as the spiritual teacher. She is the mother of the fraternal twins, Claus and Jack. Once the leader of the elven colony, she turned over those duties to her son, Claus. She is beloved by all the elven.

An elven, son of Jocah and fraternal twin of Janack (Jack). As leader of the elven, he wears the honorary red coat with white trim. However, when Nicholas Santa arrives on the North Pole in the early 1800s, he’s been overthrown by his thoroughly confused and general bad-doer brother, Jack, and imprisoned inside his lab. Claus, one of the most beloved of the elven as well as smartest, is put in charge with bringing Nicholas Santa back to health.

Janack (Jack)
An elven, son of Jocah and fraternal twin of Claus. Due to a genetic abnormality, he is the only hairless elven in existence. Frequently left out of all the elven games, he grows up a loner and maintains childish sensibilities as he rises to power. His skin, slightly blue, darkens to the color of a plum when he’s angered, which he’s often quick to become. Endowed with the unusual ability to tolerant cold beyond any living organism, Jack can freeze people, elven and objects with the touch of a finger—which makes him the most powerful elven in the colony. But not really the most liked. (Author’s note: one of my favorite characters.)

The derogatory reference elven use to describe humans. Since elven have evolved in the freezing environments of the Ice Age, they cannot tolerate warmer temperatures like humans for long. They also remain underground, watching us evolve and secretly helping us to not make such a mess of the world.
About the author:
During the day, I'm a horticulturist. While I've spent much of my career designing landscapes or diagnosing dying plants, I've always been a storyteller. My writing career began with magazine columns, landscape design textbooks, and a gardening column at the Post and Courier (Charleston, SC). However, I've always fancied fiction.

And I'm a big fan of plot twists.

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