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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Review and Giveaway: Nights Embrace by Brandy L. Rivers


I was about to start asking what is all this fuss about the musicians, but that would not be fair since I have mine. However, the “musical part” of the book is relevant only to highlight the romantic and sensitive side of the characters and which otherwise are just ... let's say fierce and tough, no matter on what side, good or evil, they are.

Night Embrace will take you in a story whose rhythm corresponds to the general idea that supernatural beings have high senses. The problems and the challenges arise and are resolved one after another, and everything happens in a dizzying pace, that you could get the impression that everything is on fast forward. If it's good or not, whether the solutions come too fast or too easy, it solely depends on each reader individually.

The main characters are to be adored and in the same time their free, sometimes libertine, way to be and act, and the intensity with which they live can make you, the alert reader, to ask yourself (maybe) some questions ... but let’s not forget that we are not dealing with mere human beings but with some supernatural ones for whom the time and manners have totally other coordinates.

The secondary characters are many and they awaken varied feelings. Since Night Embrace is a spinoff of the series Others of Edenton, sometimes it may seem that the author is based on the information and the stories from Others of Edenton series considering that they are already known. Anyway, when I read the book I did not know this detail and I couldn’t tell that something was really missing, the only thing is just that some characters suddenly appeared and their behavior was not fully motivated, but more than likely, they correspond to what happens in the "mother- series".

From the evil characters (there are no half measures here), some you can understand better, even if their decisions endanger the lives of those with you team with and about others you have wanted to know more, but they are almost meteoric. As I said, the speed at which things happen is sometimes... at the legal limit. Regarding these villains I liked the fact that all seem to have something important in common (besides the obvious, of course). From the first fantasy stories I read, I wondered how, to where it goes and what actually is (or should be) this mate -bound. Most of the authors indisputable link it with love, however in the way they present it, the people involved do not stand a chance in front of it, so I will always appreciate the author that "alter" this connection. In Nights Embrace, it is clear that all the bad characters that are more detail presented do not enjoy a fulfilled mate -bound. It exists, binds the two, but the lack of love is what these villains have in common. Only the positive characters share not only the connection, but also the love. Thus, it seems that the mythical mate-bound is not always welcome and that its failure could have repercussions. An extra point here for Night Embrace.

About the characters I could say that Brandy Rivers liked to play a little with the readers’ mind also in what regards the links between them. "Normal" in a "non-normal" world they offer extremely varied and appealing possibilities for the next volumes.

Let's see: two people from different worlds and with different love and life experiences found each other and they have no choice but to fight for their relationship, but also for their lives in the games of evil interests, refusing to obey. This leads to challenges, risks, dangers and to an unknown ending in which the death is very possible not only for them. A pinch of magic, a sense of loyalty and friendship, music, poetry and a lot of passion (even lust) are added. Do you like these ingredients? If yes, you can try the Night Embrace carousel.


About the author:
My name is Brandy L Rivers. I’m a wife and mother of three with an overactive imagination. I’ve been obsessed with monsters and magic for pretty much ever.  I decided to write the stories that keep me awake at night.

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