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Friday, November 1, 2013

Review, Guest Post and Giveaway Bound To You - Vranthian Vampires Book 1 by K.A. M’Lady


Under the dark skies of Vranthia The Wasting has spread, claiming victims by the thousands. Disease, madness and death shroud this fierce warrior race. 

With the recent death of their mother, Queen Srionna Balacjek, and the imminent demise of their grieving father, King Kamet; three brothers must now find their own path. Will The Wasting’s dark madness claim them all as deceit and lies turn brother against brother. Or, is the key to saving their people in the legend of the trion. And will they find it in time?

Draven Balacjek -- warrior, Prince, immortal. Fierce in battle, sure and deadly as a dark a storm or the shadows he walks among, must choose between the ties of brotherhood or the possibility of a life without the parts of his soul he has bound in blood and magic. 

The Vranthians have taken everything from Ook. Desecrated the Darengy people as a whole. But the visions of a grave-warrior tell no lies and the spirit of the human along with the fierce strength of his Prince, Draven Balacjek call to him as nothing before. Can their love together heal the wounds that time has wrought and free him of his darkness?

For singer, Leah Allen, the choice was never hers to make. But life, like the music her heart clings to, has a way of playing itself out. Will this strange new world and the fierce warriors she meets within it bring her shattered past the healing she has always needed or will the strangers she finds herself bound to be her hearts undoing? Can she make a choice between dark, intense Draven and exotic, muscular Ook?

Does she HAVE to choose?

"[T]he light was more a sooty shade of copper and when the winds kicked up the sands, it blurred the land and the sky into a red sea of nothingness. An endless oasis of tarnished hope."
"He felt her like a shadow to his soul." 
In many of the 'modern' books the action prevails. The authors tend to stick to present the events leaving on the secondary level the text enrichment by figures of speech. They seem to forget their importance in suggesting the atmosphere and feelings and they seem to be focused (only) on their direct render from the desire to satisfy (superficiality) the requirement for a sustained rhythm adapted at the speed in which the today's readers are living and reading.

K. A. M'Lady found a balance between the impatience of the contemporary reader which tends to treat the book as a ordinary TV show that (possibly) makes you forget for a short period of time about the quotidian and in which you get everything for granted and the need of the mind to be stimulated to think and to visualize by stylistic effects. Do not worry, it's not a heavy reading full of who knows what thoughts or useless verbalizations! As I said, the author has found the ideal mixture so that the pace does not suffer and so I consider that this is the story’s forte.

Writing at the third person, by alternating the characters from point of view of which events are presented, the author succeeded a good ploy. I say that it’s a good one because, in my opinion, on the one hand she plays the full picture of what is happening, giving motivations and arguing the decisions of those involved, and on the other hand captures the reader who will closely follow the story line that is a tortuous course through past, present and even the future of the characters.

Otherwise, you'll get the struggle between good and evil, despair and hope, love and ... not really hate but close, passion (scenes delicately shown) and about two hours of enjoyable reading.
He had seen the visions. Felt the coming changes in his blood. Had foreseen the outcome in the dust of death and the winds of time.

You’re No Saint – You’re A Blood Sucking Alien 

If Halloween opens the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead and All Saints’ Day commemorates the martyrs of all Christianity – what’s a mere human to do when they’re captured and captivated by magical, blood-sucking aliens? 

Blood rites have been a passage for warriors and magicians alike, since the beginning of time. Elizabeth Bathory bathed in it to preserve her beauty. Masai warriors in East Africa drink the lions share, convinced they will inherit the creatures’ courage. Norwegian hunters once willingly consumed the bear’s, certain they would share the great beast’s strength, consuming its spirit – it’s magic. 

Sorcerers have bottled it, boiled it and spilled it. Its deep, dark stain continually returns to Holyrood House Palace, no matter the cleansing. The mossy glens of Indian massacre sites still run red and, it is said, that the flesh of murdered victims will bleed again, if touched by their assailants. 

To spill the blood of an ‘innocent’ was once an outrage and the townsfolk would riot in their fear and rage. Fear also brought about the outbreak of war and people would look for the magical signs prefacing the outcome. 

Birth and death, blood and magic; all signs that continue the circle. In Bound To You – Vranthian Vampires Bk 1, it is this circle of magic, life and hope for the future that leads three civilizations across time and circumstance; binding them to each other and their uncertain future. Where that magic takes them has yet to be revealed.

About the author:
Author K.A. M’Lady lives a few stone throws from corn fields, chaos and congestion; all lying on the outskirts of the many burbs of Chicago. KA M'lady spends her days calculating life expectancies, mortality and the certainty of death and taxes while in her free time the dead wander freely, buy shoes, homes, the occasional odd business or two and, if you even think of charging them too much in taxes…well, let’s just say the tax man may never come back. 

But if he does he might just shamble a bit. An All Romance eBooks bestselling author, K.A. M'lady's work has been described as scary, descriptive, beautiful, dark, frightening, addictive, sexy and believable. She loves to read paranormal romances, watching horror movies, westerns on Sundays with her husband, playing fetch with her pocket beagle, Chevy and buying weird shoes. Her friends call her eccentric, her family refuses to comment. 

She’s been lost in the world of fiction since she was a small child, and frankly, never wants to be found—at least not any time soon. “Myth and magic builds dreams and inspirations – and in an insane world, it is our dreams that spark the revolution of change. No matter which world is being conquered. Within our dreams – all things are possible.”


nurmawati djuhawan said...

is this INT giveaway ?

K.A. M'Lady said...

CCAM - thank you so much for allowing me to share my work with you and your readers! And wow - what an incredible review - I am so grateful for your time and consideration.

Nurmawati - yes, the book and the Swarovski Crystal earrings are part of the giveaway - please be sure to sign up - the prize is not limited to the US shipping.
Always my best ~ K.

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LOVE the sound of this book and the giveaway is amazing!!!! As always.... Mythical Books is an everyday place to visit for me!! The best giveaways and blog hop tours!!!

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Fascinating post, thanks so much for sharing.

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O alta serie interesanta cu vampiri.Sunt asa de multe.Acum inteleg cum de editurile de la noi din tara nu stie pe care sa le aleaga ca sa le traduca.

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