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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Guest Post and Giveaway Pretty Dark Nothing (Pretty Dark Nothing #1) by Heather L. Reid


It’s time to choose: Love or lies, faith or fear, darkness or destiny.

It’s been twenty three days since Quinn has slept for more than minutes at a time. Demons have invaded her dreams, stalking her, and whispering of her death. The lack of sleep and crippling fear are ruining her life. Energy drinks and caffeine pills don’t make a dent. When Quinn dozes off in the school hallway, Aaron, an amnesiac with a psychic ability, accidentally enters her nightmare. The demons are determined to keep them apart, and Aaron from discovering the secret locked away in his memory. Together, they could banish the darkness back to the underworld for good. That is, unless the demons kill them first.

Top Ten Scary Movies 

For me, October has always been scary movie month. When I was young, cable channels were filled with eighties horror movies waiting to strike fear into my pre-teen heart, and I couldn’t get enough of them. From Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the Thirteenth, Fight Night, and Poltergeist, a horror fan was born in the dark living room of my childhood home while my parents slept. Today, I still love a good horror flick and my hubby knows to expect 31 days of curling up on the couch with a blanket and the lights off to watch some of my favorites. I’m going to cheat slightly on my top ten list. I’m allowed, it’s my list after all, right? While I still believe the eighties were possibly the best decade for horror movies, there has been an amazing revival lately of great scary movies. So, I’m going to do two lists, one top 10 favorite classic horror movies, and top 10 favorite modern movies. 


1) Nightmare On Elm Street - One, two, Freddy’s coming for you! Hearing that song even today sends chills up my spine. I also cried when Johnny Depp gets sucked through the waterbed in the second movie. 

2) Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2 - What’s not to love about this cult classic? Bruce Campbell made this movie great. 

3) Poltergeist -They’re here! The creepy tree, the skeletons in the pool, so many great scary moments in this classic. 

4) The Thing - If the desolate isolation of being stationed in the frozen Antarctic wasn’t enough. Try watching aliens take over the bodies of the inhabitants one by one. Who’s human and who’s not? Full of paranoia, this classic is claustrophobic and frightening. 

5) Pet Sematary -Miko Hughes is the creepiest toddler ever! Based on, but not as good as the Stephen King book, I still love it. 

6) Return of the Living Dead -More camp than scary, but I still love this cult classic. 

7) Hellraiser-Pinhead is just scary and weird. Ending up in his hell would be my worst nightmare. The last time I watched it, it disturbed me so much I vowed I would never watch it again. Well played, Clive Barker, you creepy mastermind of a writer, you, well played. 

8) The Serpent and The Rainbow -Another Wes Craven masterpiece. The fact it was based on a true story always made it that much scarier! Vodoo Preists, poison, being buries alive and returned as a zombie. Fantastic! 

9) The Lost Boys -Two words: Keifer Sutherland 

10) Monkey Shines - I still can’t look at a toy monkey with the symbols without wanting to throw it across the room 

If you’re looking for something more modern, check out some of my new favorites.

1) Insidious   2) Ju On (The Grudge)   3) Woman in Black   4) 28 Days Later   5) Let The Last One In   6) Identity   7) Session 9   8) 1408   9) The Awakening   10) The Exorcism of Emily Rose 

As a bonus: There is one scary movie that I will NEVER watch again and that’s The Exorcist. I’ve seen it twice. Once on cable, and once when they re-released the uncut version to theatres. Never again. 

Do you have a favorite horror movie?

About the author:
Heather L. Reid is both American and British and has called six different cities in three different countries, home. Her strong sense of wanderlust and craving for a new adventure mean you might find her wandering the moors of her beloved Scotland, exploring haunted castles, or hiking through a magical forest in search of fairies and sprites. When she’s not venturing into the unknown in her real life, she loves getting lost in the worlds of video games or curling up by the fire with good story. For now, this native Texan is back in the Lone Star State, settling down with her Scottish husband and dreaming up new novels to write.

Author's Giveaway:
Grand Prize winner will receive a signed copy of PRETTY DARK NOTHING, a Pretty Dark Nothing necklace, nail polish, and bookmarks (US only). One winner will receive PRETTY DARK NOTHING shipped through Book Depository (International).a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Heather Reid said...

Thank you for hosting me today!

CRISTINA said...


Chaotic Karma said...

"Pretty Dark Nothing" sounds like an awesome read!

~Veronica Vasquez~

Anonymous said...

I refuse to watch The Grudge or The Exorcism of Emily Rose ever again. No way, no how. lol. One, The Grudge is terrifying and two, freaky shit always happens whenever we watch The Exorcism of Emily Rose, lol. But I'm dying to watch Woman in Black.

I will always be a sucker for Freddy Kruger though. I just love him. Oh, and IT. I will always love that movie.

Unknown said...

Ooh I agree That Girl.. Freddy Kruger will top all.. ;)) Love the look of the book and seems interesting from excerpt I've read..

Heather Reid said...

OMG, how could I forget IT?? Great movie and book.

Unknown said...

I am a chicken when it comes to horror movies. I will watch some but 95% of the time, it's during the day with all the lights on and someone has to watch with me. The other 5% of the times that I watch them is at night with a house full and the light on. I have never ever watched the Exorcist and never will. It took me 3 tries to watch I Am Legend. Anyway, I read Pretty Dark Nothing and could not put it down. My heart pounded with Quinn's throughout the story and I cried when Aaron drove away on his motorcycle. Great story but one that would take me forever to watch if, it were made into a movie. :-D

Unknown said...

I love some horror films.. can read them better.. ;) Love the softer kind like True Blood..and The Walking Dead.. lol