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Monday, November 5, 2018

for those moments when thoughts just pass by... Little Meditations by Avinash Jalani

"There is something spiritual, as well as something illuminating, about traveling through these poems. Images often break up the verses and there are many titles contained in this collection." ReadingLit, Goodreads


Release Date: November 5th, 2018

Little Meditations are poems dedicated to those moments when feelings are clustered, those moments when the breathe is slow and deep, those moments when thoughts just pass by, those moments when waiting is the only option, those moments when let go comes with a tear and a smile, those moments when the feelings take over and do not make sense.

These poems are from the journey between those moments and hoping you may drift away into few moments of transcendence without an artificial pressure to find meaning or purpose. 

You are here to heal yourself.
"The eclectic combination of nature, human emotions, spirituality, and positive vibes make this an interesting collection that will help readers contemplate and reflect on the vagaries of life. Readers will find themselves drifting through the words and emotions, and embarking on a spiritual journey that will take them 'Searching the path in astral, reaching an ethereal point, no wish to know the unknown, healing in surrender.' The collection is for all readers who want to reconnect with the Universe and to surrender to its abundance, wisdom, and spirituality..." - Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite
About the author:
Avinash Jalani was born in Rajasthan (India) and now settle in Australia with his lovely wife and his son. He is an enthusiastic hiker, bush-walker and believe in soul-healing through meditation practice. He has been writing poems from early childhood in form of words then sentences. These poems were his refuge into self and strengthen his inner voice.

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