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Thursday, October 11, 2018

No one believes me....The Fall Before Flight by L.M. Halloran

"This book was so good. It makes you think about your life and if you are living your best life you can. This book is told from Amelia's POV. Even though I really like dual POV, the way L.M. Halloran writes this story, I could are less about the dual POV. " - Kathy, Goodreads


Release Date: October 11th, 2018

I didn’t try to kill myself. It was an accident. 
No, more than that — a natural disaster. 
Fate’s fickle lightning strike.

No one believes me.

I can't blame them, really. 
There’s something wrong with me. 
I'm incapable of emotions that come naturally 
to others. Fear, compassion, love...

I might be a sociopath.

Everyone thinks I’m beyond help. 
Everyone but Dr. Leo Chastain. 
One of us is going to break the other...

Care to place a bet?

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About the author:
When not writing or reading, the author enjoys walking barefoot, subjecting her husband to questionable recipes, and chasing her spirited toddler. She's a rabid fan of coffee, moon-gazing, and small dogs that resemble Ewoks. Home is San Diego, CA, but her heart lives in Portland.

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