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Friday, June 1, 2018

the battle to claim Hades begins... Hunted (Demon #2) by Aoife Marie Sheridan

"I loved Hunters and couldn't wait for hunted. It took two years of waiting and it was worth the wait!!!
Overall amazing but I just hope we aren't kept another two years for book three." - Amanda, Goodreads


Release Date: June 1st, 2018


Fire meets Ice as the battle to claim Hades begins... 

Abigail wakes up in Hades with no clue how to get back home or why she has ended up there. Being there alone would have been easier than finding Cathy, another Demon Hunter beside her. 

As they search for a way out, Abigail is taken by Nicolas Frost, the man who tried to kill her. As he takes her across Hades, she narrowly misses death and torture only to arrive at Nicolas's domain where Abigail finally discovers her true destiny. 

To save her home, Abigail may have to ally herself with enemies—unless the horrors and predatory wraiths devour her first. 

Time is running out, decisions will be final, Abigail's choices may just cause the apocalypse... 

If you like "The demon trapper" by Jana Oliver or "Guards of the Shadowlands" by Sarah Fine, then Hunted will feed your addiction for the dark side.

About the author:
Aoife Marie Sheridan has loved reading from a very young age, starting off with mills and boon books given to by her grandmother. Her love for romances grew, by the age of 14 she had read hundreds of them. 

Aoife has a passion for writing poetry or in her eyes her journal entries. It was something she did throughout her teens and into her twenties. Aoife won first place for two of her poems and had them published at a young age of just nineteen. 

Aoife's first book Eden Forest (Part one of the Saskia Trilogy) took first place with Writers Got Talent 2013. Aoife continues to write tales of fantasy and romance.

To find out more about Aoife Marie Sheridan you can visit her at:

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