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Monday, June 11, 2018

He’s loved her in his dreams for a hundred years...Dragon's Rogue (Wild Dragons #1) by Anastasia Wilde

"This book is 359 pages full of awesomeness. There is NO bonus content or stuffed pages. This book is 100% full of excitement that keeps you turning the pages for more." JodyL, Goodreads


Published: April 29th, 2018
Cover Artist: Melody Simmons

He’s loved her in his dreams for a hundred years. Now he’s finally found her, and he’ll do anything to make her is own…

The evil Dragon Lord Vyrkos is about to rise from captivity in a devastating volcanic eruption. Only the Greystone brothers can stop him—and only if they find the three women who hold the keys to sealing Vyrkos’ tomb forever.

Blaze McKenna is a witch hiding out from her former coven. After stealing their most powerful artifact to keep them from destroying themselves, she’s been preparing for the day when the coven leader will hunt her down and try to take it back.

A battle that only one of them will walk away from. 

So when smoking hot dragon shifter Zane Greystone offers to help her fight the coven in return for her handing over one of the Seals to Vyrkos’ tomb, it sounds like the perfect plan—except for two problems.
She doesn’t know where the Seal is.
And the dragon doesn’t just want her help—he wants her heart, body and soul.

Dragon’s Rogue is the first book in Anastasia Wilde’s epic new trilogy, Wild Dragons. Each book features one couple, hot steamy dragon love, HEA, no cliffhangers!
Rated steamy – contains explicit sex but not erotica

Dragons: Monsters to Love 
(AKA Sexy Beasts) 

You won’t find a lot of shifter romance fans who will argue with this: 
Dragons are sexy. 

Especially when they turn into supernaturally hot guys with more ab muscles than human men should be allowed to have. And who want to worship and adore you. 

But when you think about it—who would want to love a monster? 

In traditional Western mythology, dragons are terrifying. They lurk in sulfurous caves, jealously guarding their hoards of gold. They kidnap helpless princesses and kill brave knights. They bring destruction with their fiery breath, leaving nothing but death and ashes behind them. 

And yet. 
We all love real-life stories of people who befriend wild animals—the boy who raises an orphaned grizzly bear, the kid rescued by wolves. We all want to believe that no matter how wild or dangerous a creature might be, there’s a way to its heart. A way to turn it into an ally instead of an enemy, a way to earn its love, trust, and protection. 

If we could do that, it would make us special. Invincible. 

To me, shifter romance encompasses that desire to not only tame the most dangerous beasts, but to gain their love and devotion. It’s Beauty and the Beast meets the ultimate Bad Boy fantasy. 

Imagine this huge, ferocious, seemingly untamable beast—a potential killer—but you have the ability to tame it with nothing but the power of your love. You’re the only one who truly understands it, who can see its soul. Who can make it into a protector rather than a predator. 

Just like the Bad Boy fantasy is about meeting a wild troublemaker—wounded and defiant—and being the only one who can see his true spirit, the soft and loving heart hidden inside. The only one who can heal his broken spirit and make him whole. 

In a shifter romance, you get both. And 10x all that with the dragons, because…hello. Dragons are magic. And they can fly. 

In my books, the dragons are fierce Guardians, protecting humans from an evil Draken Lord that could destroy us all. That matters to them. Even though no one knows about it—even though they’ll never get any credit. 

Even though they might have to give their lives doing it. 
But they can’t do it without their destined mates. 

My books are about magic and courage and love conquering all. They’re books about the way we’d like to be, the lives we’d like to live. 

Because who wouldn’t like to fly through the sky on dragon wings? Who wouldn’t like to have a fiery, powerful dragon who thinks you’re the most beautiful, amazing creature he’s ever seen, and wants to spend centuries giving you all the gold, jewels, love and sexytimes you ever wanted? 

Who wouldn’t want to feel a bond with another person that transcends space and time, to know for sure that you’re the only one he’ll ever want, and he’s the only one you’ll ever want? To know that his devotion is absolute and unending? I think we all long for that, deep down inside—that unshakeable connection to someone else. 

So that’s what Dragon’s Rogue and the Wild Dragons series are about. Sexy beasts, undying love, and a whole lot of magic goin’ on! 

About the author:
Anastasia Wilde lives in the deep forests of the Pacific Northwest, where sexy shifters may or may not be found hiding among the tall, ancient trees. She loves to write paranormal romances about wild, passionate shifter men and the strong women who are destined to win their hearts. Broken, complicated, devoted, protective—love heals their wounds and smooths their rough edges (but not too much!). When not writing, Anastasia enjoys traveling, nomming on any food involving bacon or melty cheese (ideally both), adding to her magical crystal collection, or relaxing with a glass of wine, watching the sun set behind the mountains.

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Rita Wray said...

Sounds like a good read.


Sounds really great.

Laura Thomas said...

I do enjoy this genre and this sounds like thrilling series! Stunning covers too!

Debra Holloway said...

I will be reading this book, it sounds so good.

Vanessa N. said...

Love dragons. Definitely need to read these.

bookbunny68 said...

Been reading a lot with dragons and enjoying them. Glad for a change from some of the same old same old paranormal types. Look forward to reading this series.

Anastasia Wilde said...

I hope you all enjoy Dragon's Rogue! And many thanks to Mythical Books for having me on the site. Happy reading!

Angela Saver said...

This sounds like a great steamy read! Great cover too!

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I would love to read your book.

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Liked the GP; thank you!