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Monday, May 14, 2018

a dangerous world riddled with ambition and intrigue - The Rainmaker (Saga of the Chosen #2) Petra Landon

"The author, Petra Landon, is exceptionally meticulous and calculating in delving deeper into the saga. Every twist and turn is written with such justification, intent and intelligence, it's so easy to get lost in this world. She really is a unique storyteller, creating characters and worlds very hard not to love, or get bored of. I never wanted the story to end, savouring every last word, and the feelings, aroused by all the action packed scenes, as well as the sexy interludes. " Sylvia, Goodreads


Published: March 30th, 2018

In a dangerous world riddled with ambition and intrigue, Tasia must tread a treacherous path where nothing is safe – her past, her secrets or her heart …

Tasia is no longer a nondescript and friendless Wizard on the fringes of San Francisco's Chosen community. Publicly entwined with a powerful Shifter Pack, she must navigate the minefield of Pack politics and Chosen intrigue, while guarding her secrets from the Magicks who hunt her.

The stakes have never been higher as old fault lines, long-buried secrets, Wizard dysfunction, and Lady Bethesda's ambitions draw the Chosen ever closer to a civil war. While Tasia grapples to avoid the pitfalls and confront her demons, it is an unlikely nemesis who forces her to face her moment of truth. Tasia finds herself at the crossroads - at stake are her carefully constructed house of cards and her tangled relationship with the man who holds her enemies at bay. Will Tasia risk opening Pandora's Box or will she walk away to disappear into the shadows again?

Author's Note: The Rainmaker continues the story from The Prophecy. The books are not standalone and are intended to be read in order.
Set in the fantastical and intrigue-riddled world of the Chosen, this is an urban fantasy tale with an unfolding mystery, many twists and turns, action, adventure and a dash of romance.
The story continues with Book 3 - The Siren


A powerful wizard threatens the Chosen from beyond the grave. Can they unravel The Prophecy in time to save their world!

Chosen have walked the earth for time immemorial. Tasia is a very special Chosen. Warned to keep her distance from her brethren, she makes a fateful decision one night to assist an injured Shape-shifter. Suddenly, Tasia finds herself in the cross-hairs of Shifter mercenaries encroaching on San Francisco. Forced out of the shadows, Tasia has little choice but to ally herself with the local Shifter Pack led by a formidable and dangerous Alpha Protector. In the cut-throat world of a Shifter Pack, Tasia must fight to protect her secrets while struggling to negotiate with the enigmatic Alpha who holds his violent Pack together with a ruthless hand on its reins.

Grave danger threatens their world as a powerful wizard exploits an old prophecy to divide the Chosen. When the Pack is asked to investigate the twenty-five year old mystery, Tasia is drawn deeper into a past that risks raising the suspicions of the very Chosen she hides from. As danger closes in on her, Tasia must decide who to trust with the deadly secrets she guards.

The Rainmaker is on sale - 0.99 cents on Amazon US & UK for the entire week of the blitz (May 14 - 20)
About the author:
An avid reader all her life, only recently has Petra allowed her own imagination to run riot. She loves to travel, loves the outdoors and reads everything she can get her hands on, time permitting. Her taste in books is very eclectic – she tends to like stories with vivid and quirky characters that have elements of fantasy, adventure, romance and mystery interspersed together. A good book for her is one that makes the reader think long after it has been finished and set aside. And, one that draws the reader back to it, again and again. 
To share the tales that have lived in her imagination for so long is a labor of love and a lifelong dream come true for her.

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Tóth Viktória said...

This series gives me Kate Daniels vibes so I really want to read it!

Petra Landon said...

Thank you for the spotlight on The Rainmaker. Much appreciated!

Best wishes,