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Monday, August 14, 2017

It’s what I do - Red and her Wolfe by Blythe Reid

18++ "The story has love, heartbreak, flirt, cuteness, passion, emotions on fire, hot scenes and lots of chemistry. Both main characters have a lot to fight with from their past and experience but the grow through the story. It is a very refreshing and different story with an edge.
The story was captivating and one of the better I have read." - Laila, Goodreads


Publication date: August 8th, 2017 

They call me The Wolfe.

I hunt women the way a wolf hunts lambs.

And I just found my latest prey. She’s a long way from home. We meet on the plane. And there’s nothing as vulnerable as a girl who’s homesick after her first trip abroad.

The girls I’m used to want my money and my looks.

This girl is too innocent for either of those things.

She wants me because of the way we lock eyes. The way we instantly hit it off. The way we seem to have been made for each other.

And I want her because I’m The Wolfe.

I hunt innocent young women like her.
It’s what I do. 
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