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Friday, August 4, 2017

her murderous legacy - Pretty Wicked by Kelly Charron

“This creepy novel places you inside the mind of a twisted teen killer, which is even more unsettling because of how familiar and normal she seems. Be prepared to leave the lights on and look at the people around you in a whole new way.” -Eileen Cook | Author of WITH MALICE


The daughter of a local police detective, 15-year-old Ryann has spent most of her life studying how to pull off the most gruesome murders her small Colorado town has ever seen.

But killing is only part of it. Ryann enjoys being the reason the cops are frenzied. The one who makes the neighbors lock their doors and windows on a hot summer’s day. The one everyone fears but no one suspects. 

Carving out her own murderous legacy proves harder than she predicted. Mistakes start adding up. And with the police getting closer, and her own father becoming suspicious, Ryann has to prove once and for all that she’s smarter than anyone else—or she’ll pay the ultimate price. 

"Pretty Wicked is fresh, thrilling, and deeply haunting. I've never read anything like it! The story escalates from page one and will leave your pulse pounding as you wonder just how far Ryann will go. 5/5 stars." - Tiana Warner | Author of Ice Massacre & Ice Crypt

What Inspired Me to Write Pretty Wicked

I’ve always been fascinated with psychology and human motivation. Whenever I read a novel or watched a movie or television show, I was drawn to the villain. I wanted to understand what made them act the way they did—delve into what happened in their lives or minds to make them the person they had become.

When there was the odd story from the “villains” point of view, it seemed to characterize them as “misunderstood” and usually spun them into a likeable character who was the hero of that new version of the story. I wanted to write something unique and portray the villain realistically. What would the story look like if they were a true villain?

I had always been particularly interested in psychopaths and sociopaths, probably because they were so opposite to anything I knew in real life. My life has generally been pretty great and while I’m grateful for the lack of drama and darkness in it, I think I’m drawn to exploring it. I used to work with troubled youths and had one teenaged male client who had appeared to present with a sociopathic personality. At this point I had been reading about and studying personality disorders (both for interest sake but also during my social work career) and couldn’t help but see the distinctive characteristics he seemed to possess.

I got the idea for a psychopathic teenage serial killer who was unapologetic about who she was and what she wanted. I was genuinely interested in exploring what her point of view would be if she drove the story and the “villain” was the detective trying to stop her. Ryann Wilkanson was born and I’ve just finished my second novel featuring her, Wicked Fallout.

About the author:
Kelly Charron is the author of YA and adult horror, psychological thrillers and urban fantasy novels. All with gritty, murderous inclinations and some moderate amounts of humor. She spends far too much time consuming true crime television (and chocolate) while trying to decide if yes, it was the husband, with the wrench, in the library. She lives with her husband and cat, Moo Moo, in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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