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Friday, October 2, 2015

a whole heap of trouble - Pale Moon Walking by Paula Altenburg

US Marshall Sam Kyote has been sent to the dry old town of Coyote Bluff to recuperate from a top-secret government experiment that's left this law man a little...well, different. But Sam's about to find out that the town of Coyote Bluff has a whole lot of secrets. 


Published: September 28th, 2015

US Marshall Sam Kyote has been sent to the dry old town of Coyote Bluff to recuperate from a top-secret government experiment that's left this law man a little...well, different. But Sam's about to find out that the town of Coyote Bluff has a whole lot of secrets. Most of which lead to Libby Mayden—the sexy, long-legged, and tight-lipped sheriff who saved his ass from an alien ambush. 

The last thing Libby needs is a US Marshall poking around her town, especially one who's hotter than the Nevada desert sun. She can't let Sam find out most of her town are wanted outlaws. Between the aliens, the gunfighters, and a searing sexual attraction to Sam, she's in a whole heap of trouble. And Libby'll stride both sides of the law—and Sam—until she's forced to choose between self-preservation...and her heart. 

5 Reasons to Marry a Superhero

“Sooner or later, Libby Mayden, you’re going to have to make an honest man out of me.” - Sam Kyote, Pale Moon Walking

Thanks so much for having me here today! I’m Paula Altenburg and I write fantasy, paranormal, and contemporary romance. Pale Moon Walking is my 8th FFP romance to date, but there’s plenty more where those came from. My head is full of ideas.

In Pale Moon Walking Sheriff Libby Mayden is reluctant to marry. US Federal Marshal Sam Kyote won’t settle for anything less. It’s his mission to convince her that marrying a man with super powers is an opportunity not to be missed.

Poor Sam. He has his work cut out for him. Libby isn’t a woman who’s easily impressed. And to be honest, his super powers aren’t really all that impressive. He can create illusions. It’s a handy talent to have. But can he use them for a greater good?

Probably not. Which means if he’s planning to use them to win Libby, he’s going to have to step up his game. 

There are lots of good reasons for Libby to marry Sam that don’t involve super powers. I’m going to give you 5 of them that do:

1. Endless entertainment at parties.
Sam can overlay reality with illusion. That means you get the experience of actually being inside the illusion without having to leave the comforts of home. He’s still new to his talent so he uses darkness as a primary defense, but at one point in the story he invites Libby to dinner and shows her fireworks. (In more ways than one…)

2. An invisibility cloak.
Not really. But it works as the next best thing. Libby’s quite the crack shot. She’s won a grand total of six gunfights—that’s a pretty great accomplishment in the Wild West. When she’s sneaking up on aliens, Sam manages to hide her from view. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. I suppose that’s not very sportsmanlike, but it works. <Shrug>

3. Never having to wear a fancy dress.
This would be a big win as far as I’m concerned. When I started working from home, I settled into the whole pajamas-wearing trend like a seasoned pro. Libby’s not much of a fancy dresser either, although more from practical necessity than by choice. She was raised by an outlaw father and his gang of men. They didn’t dress for success. Gun fighting’s easier in trousers, too. At one point, Sam decides Libby deserves the experience of a fancy ball so he recreates one for her. Her reaction isn’t at all what he expects.

4. Hiding dead bodies.
Come on. Who hasn’t wanted to hide a dead body? At the beginning of the story, Sam runs into this very problem. He has to hide bodies from Libby. Libby, however, is the sheriff in a town full of outlaws. This is a talent that’s going to come in handy for her. Come to think of it, her reaction over this isn’t what one would expect, either.

5. Recreating the past.
This is the one talent that finally wins Libby over. She discovers that Sam can take something she’s seen or remembered, or even dreamed up, and he can recreate it for her. He takes a memory her late mother shared with her when she was a little girl, something that’s very precious to her, and recreates it for her. What woman wouldn’t be charmed by a man who can do that?

Now I have a question for you. If your superhero could have the one power that would completely win you over, what would it be?
About the author:
Paula Altenburg grew up in rural Nova Scotia knowing that at some point in her life she was likely to be a fiction writer. Swapping Louis L’Amour and Zane Grey books with her father guaranteed she wasn’t going to be the next Jane Austen, much to the dismay of her English teacher mother.

A degree in Social Anthropology from the University of King’s College and Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, again meant writing was the logical (aka only) career path for her, although it did confirm her belief that learning is a life-long experience. She’s taken business, writing, and aquaculture courses, all at the university level and all for fun.

She has worked in the Aerospace industry, which surprises everyone who knows her, although now makes writing her fulltime career. Happily married, with two terrific sons, she continues to live in rural Nova Scotia but makes a point of traveling as much as she can. 

She reads in all genres, which isn’t as surprising considering her life is all over the board, but fantasy and paranormal romance are her two main writing loves.

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I'd like to read this book. If I could choose one superpower it would be invisibility :)