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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

whispers of the truth - Tea and Madness by C. Streetlights

“And when it falls into silence again the void it echoes fills me with wonder. Wonder only because I no longer remember if this small entity isn’t real or if it whispers the truth.” -Moonlight


Published: June 29th, 2015

And when it falls into silence again the void it echoes fills me with wonder. Wonder only because I no longer remember if this small entity isn’t real or if it whispers the truth.” -Moonlight

C. Streetlight’s memoir, Tea & Madness, is a collection of prose and poetry separated into the seasons of her life. Each season is inspired by her experiences: grieving a lost baby, understanding depression, anger, betrayal, surviving rape and the acceptance that she cannot forgive. Balanced somehow within the darkness is the wonder in motherhood and empathetic relationships. As her seasons change, she continues trying to find the balance of existing between normalcy and madness.

"[A] book to show you that even in the darkest moments of life, there is a light at the end of the tunnel - not to sound cliched but in darkness there is light and that though you may not feel that there is a way out or if you feel like the darkness is slipping you under, remember life can get better and that you are not alone.Tea and Madness - A Memoir by C.Streetlights is a powerful, emotionally charged and inspirational book that will leave it tugging on your heartstrings as you flip through the pages." - Goodreads, Paula Phillis

Author's Top 5 Favorite Bands/Artists 

Red Hot Chili Peppers
About the author
She has met many fools, but admires Don Quixote most because he taught her that it didn’t matter that the dragon turned out to be a windmill. What mattered was that he chose to fight the dragon in the first place.

Streetlights now lives in the mountains with a husband, two miracle children, and a dog who eats Kleenex. She retired from teaching so she can raise her children to pick up their underwear from the bathroom floor, to write, and to slay windmills and dragons. She is happy to report that she can finally see the stars.

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Sayomay said...

I love poetry! There def isnt enough out in stores!
Mary G Loki

Arf2-D2 said...

Fantastic cover. I love the colors you chose.

melissa crisp said...

I love that cover. The colors are beautiful.

C Streetlights said...

Thank you everyone! I have to admit that I am so in love with my cover, too! The cover designer was so fantastic to work with. We had been brainstorming about some ideas and she found a photograph similar to this but unfortunately the photographer wasn't willing to give permission to have it used. So I grabbed my photographer friend and we went tromping up the canyon, dodging frisbee golfers (who knew that was a thing) and dressed me up in a thrift store dress I couldn't fit over my hips to capture an image I could only see in my head. She is very patient with me! Thankfully I didn't break my tea set! And the colors are truly perfect.

Ally Swanson said...

Great post! I really enjoyed reading the book description. Looking forward to reading this book!