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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Under the Colorado sky...- Star Crossed Shifters (Pepper Valley Shifters #4) by C.A. Tibbitts

18+ "Star crossed lovers? More like stars in my eyes I'm in love! Omg Cindy picked some of my favorite characters I wanted to know more about! [...] This book was awesome. So many amazing things happened that you didn't know would. [...] This book has grabbed my attention and held it the whole time. Love it can't wait for more!" - Goodreads, Kimberly


Published: May, 2015
Cover artist: C.A. Tibbitts

Nick Caputo is a wolf shifter, and the new clan enforcer. He knows with every fiber of his being that Violet Tago (a shifter that can't shift) is his mate. One kiss. One simple taste and she'll be his. 

Since arriving in Pepper Valley, Violet has ignored any burgeoning attraction for Nick, and instead crushes big time on her brother's best friend, Brody. 

Brody Westwood, also a wolf shifter, has never thought twice about his best friend's kid sister. The fact is, he wants nothing to do with any supernatural being. After seeing his best friend, Griffin, fall in love, marry, and have children, Brody decides it's time to settle down with a family of his own. When a new curvacous beauty shows up in town, the attraction practically crackles the air between them. But Leah Cross isn't human...or a shifter. 

Two couples with undeniable attraction. Under the Colorado sky, they are Star Crossed Shifters.

Author's Top 10 Shifters (of all time)

1. Sam Merlotte - True Blood. I have not read the books, but I loved the tv series. He's able to shift into ANYTHING, including tiny insects. Awesome!

2. Richard Zeeman - Anita Blake series by Laurell K. Hamilton. Werewolf, he is brilliant and fiercely loyal. Anita also becomes a shifter leader of sorts - so tons of other shifters. My favorite is Nathaniel.

3. Eve Langlais - several series. I LOVE her humorous writing style, and I like how she puts various shifters together (aka Bunny and a Bear). She also does hot shifter triangles (M/F/M). So far, my favorite shifter series of hers is Kodiak Point. My favorite is a tossup between Boris (a moose shifter!) and Gene (a polar bear). 

4. Rebecca Zanetti - Dark Protectors series. This is a series about vampires, but there are some hot shifters as well! Jordan Pride is a lion shifter! Zane is a hybrid vamp/shifter!

5. Julia Mills! Dragons! Woohoo!

6. G.A. Aiken's Dragons! More Dragons to fear, and men too hot to handle!

7. Twilight (movies, have not read books). Ok, I know what some of you might say. Ugh, tween drama, etc. I said that too before I watched it and was hooked. When Jacob leaps and becomes a wolf - YES! Love it. And the packs. Awesome! 

8. Christine Feehan Carpathian series! Werewolves - hot stuff!

9. Lia Davis also has a ton of shifter books! I'll be reading 2 more very soon! (in my TBR list)

10. Laurann Dohner New Species series! Now, these aren't shifters per say, but they are part animal and part human. HOT HOT HOT! Canine, cat, and primate categories of men - and women, their animals are always close to the surface. Highly recommend!

Author's Top 10 Shifters (Pepper Valley Shifters - my series!)

1. Forrest - I know characters are like children, but I'm not afraid to admit Forrest is my favorite - he stars in Shifter Under Cover - book #3. Mountain lion shifter, he's a kick-ass undercover operative in the D.E.A. Shifter Division. He is sweet, loyal, loving…and deadly.

2. Griffin - Hot, tattooed, tortured soul, the former clan enforcer is as stubborn as he is alpha male! By far my most popular character and book, the readers adore him! He's one of the few that can shift into multiple animals, though he prefers his midnight black puma. Healing A Shifter - book #2

3. Finn - Pepper Valley Shifter clan lead. By far the most complicated male I've ever written! He's had many questionable actions over the series, and I can't wait to explore what makes him truly tick when I write book #5 (coming 2015)! He is also a multi-animal shifter - but prefers his leopard, and owns Great Scotts Bar & Grill - the shifter hangout in Pepper Valley, Colorado.

4. Fiona - raised by Finn, but long-lost daughter of Griffin (it's complicated!), she is a little redheaded spitfire of a panther shifter! Stubborn, opinionated, she's quick tempered and isn't afraid to slap someone! She also loves with her whole heart. Shifted For Love book #1

5. Dani (Daniela) - Griffin's mate is a dolphin shifter. Also known as a 'ball buster', this lady was the daughter of a clan enforcer, so she does not bow down under an alpha's demands. Griffin could not have a better mate! Healing A Shifter book #2

6. Jace - Fiona's mate is a bear shifter. After Finn (and consequently Fiona) took Jace in to the Scott home as a teenager, he had never looked at Fiona as anything but a friend - who happened to have a crush on him. Years later, his mind had to catch up to his body's thoughts on a grown-up Fi. Feeling inadequate, due to his past abuse, he ran after their mating, determined to make himself into the man that Fi deserved. Shifted For Love book #1

7. Zane - a wolverine shifter that was supposed to mate Fiona for the Pepper Valley clan to unite with the Colorado Springs clan (orchestrated by Finn and Alexander). A real playboy, he was only concerned with having a good time, even as he was promised to mate Fi. When a past conquest shows up with a small boy, proving Zane is the father, the mating with Fiona is called off. Shifted For Love book #1. Zane's story continues when his son's mother shows back up - Twice Fated Shifter book #2.5 (in Mystical New Love box set).

8. Addie - a deer (doe) shifter, she is Forrest's mate. Though she tries to fight her attraction to Forrest, their undercover mission for the D.E.A Shifter Division forces them together. There is a reason she's not willing to risk her heart for Forrest, but she learns through his unwavering loyalty and love that she can trust him with her secret. A beautiful love story with action - Shifter Under Cover book #3

9. Fletcher - can shift into multiple animals. Finn's (never forgotten - but secret) son comes in during the undercover mission of Forrest and Addie. He was in the military and C.I.A. before joining the D.E.A. Shifter Division in order to meet and get to know his brother Forrest. When the rest of the family finds out Fletcher's paternity, sparks fly! Shifter Under Cover book #3

10. Nick - a wolf shifter, resents Brody because Violet is enamored with the 'golden haired pretty body' - aka Brody. Nick is the new clan enforcer, and he feels he has extra to prove in the position because his fated mate (Violet) is the sister to the former clan enforcer (Griffin). He's determined to win Violet for himself, and to prove despite his alternative look (faux-hawk hair, multiple piercings, and a body covered in tattoos), he is loving, loyal, and has the patience to win over his mate. Star Crossed Shifters book #4.

About the author:
An Oklahoma native, C.A. Tibbitts resides with her husband.

Writing has always been her passion, and she hopes to continue writing for many years to come in the paranormal romance genre, as well as other romance genres.

She loves to hear from her readers, and deeply appreciates honest reviews.

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