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Friday, October 3, 2014

“Virtute Angeli ad infernum unde venistis.” - Storm (Salt #2) by Danielle Ellison

Published: September 29th, 2014


Up until recently, Penelope was a witch with no magic. After having it stolen by a demon when she was just a child, Penelope had been forced to rely on sharing others’ powers as she went through the grueling training required to become an elite demon hunter. Now Penelope has more magic than she’s ever known. And when you’re this powerful, who needs salt to keep the demons away?

But power has a dark side.

Carter Prescott just wants to hunt demons and be with Penelope. But suddenly, witches who formerly had no magic are developing terrible, out-of-control powers. Now the world Carter swore to protect isn’t just endangered by malicious demons―it’s threatened by the same witches who once defended it. And Carter is horrified to see his girlfriend starting to change. Stronger. More powerful. Unrecognizable. It’s just a matter of time before Penelope changes into something far beyond his worst fears...


I am definitely a new person today. I’m Batman. Try to get me, suckers!

I duck a shot of magic from a demon. They don’t usually fight this way, but whitey here is determined to knock me out.Good luck, good sir.

Having magic is kick-ass.
Another shot of magic barely misses my ear, but I somehow maneuver my body to avoid it. It feels like that scene in the Matrix when the bullets zoom by, but Neo freezes them all in that way only really awesome people can do. It’s that. Only instead of bullets, it’s magic, and instead of freezing them I can toss on some salt and blast them away with my mind.

I focus on the void and let the coolness of the magic fill me up, and then I blast it toward the demon. It falls back, trapped against the iron I created by the power of my mind. I don’t know how I lived without my own magic. Literally and figuratively.

The demon hisses at me but it can’t move. It struggles against the barrier that I’ve created from nothing. I stand, watching it, and the demon tries to escape my hold, but it slings back like a rubber band. Its struggle against my magic is surprisingly sweet. I glance around, but Ric and Maple are on the other side of the woods, and I can only see Ric because of his red shirt between the trees. I smile a little and then say the incantation out loud, only because I don’t want anyone to notice I can expel a demon without talking. Not after my conversation with Carter two days ago.

“Virtute Angeli ad infernum unde venistis.”

Without a pause, the demon explodes into goo.
Yeah, I lied. This is cooler than the Matrix.
About the author:
Danielle Ellison is from a small town in West Virginia. She spent her childhood pretending to fly, talking to imaginary friends, and telling stories. She hasn’t changed much since then. You can still find her pretending to work, talking to imaginary characters, and writing stories.

When she’s not writing, Danielle is probably drinking coffee, fighting her nomadic urges, watching too much TV, or dreaming of the day when she can be British. She is the author of five upcoming novels and you can find her on twitter.


Linda Romer said...

Storm and Salt sound great i would like to read more of these books. Thank you

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Sounds great, I would love to read them!

Juana said...

I would love to read this book. The story sounds like a great read. I like the pretty book cover too.

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Anonymous said...

This sounds pretty neat! Thanks for the post!

Joseph Hawkshaw said...

Love the cover looks so sweet.

Unknown said...

Penalope sounds like a great witch!! I like this kind of book,a and the cover is super cool!!

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awesome giveaway. thanks for the chance

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Thanks for the opportunity!

justwin4once said...

Looks like a good read - interesting to show power has a good side and bad side.