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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Broken (Broken Wings) by Sandra Love

Published: December 23rd, 2013


Cordelia Rose has a horrible life. She gets bullied by students at school, beaten by her father, practically abandoned by her mother, and wants to end her life and the suffering. But when some strange things start to happen, she questions whether or not she has a purpose in this life. Then she meets a brother and sister that mean more to her than she even realizes. They are her protectors, and her kindred spirits. Just like her, they are bruised and broken, though for different reasons. 

When she finally discovers the truth of her existence, her mind is jumbled with everything she has to take in; not to mention the battle she has to fight, inside and out.


For those who don’t know you, can you tell us a little about yourself? 
My name is Sandra Love, I live in Olivet Michigan and I am 33 years old. I live with my boyfriend Brad and my son Charlie. Charlie is 11 years old and he battles with Autism and ADHD. He is my world. I did attend college, where I studied Accounting and Ancient History. I am very fascinated with Mythology. Norse Mythology is my all-time favorite. I love learning about the Gods and Goddesses. 

I am a big time cat lover, I swear I will end up being the crazy cat lady. I have 3 cats Stubby, Odin and Thor. I do take care of a stray, as well his name is Louie. I want to save all the cats in the world. J 

In my spear time, I love to read. My favorite genre of books are YA Supernatural, but I read anywhere from Erotica to Fantasy to Romance. I love to read and review for authors. I am a BIG supporter of ALL authors. They have inspired me to write. 

Speaking of writing my first book is YA Supernatural. It is book 1 of 3, with a Prequel. I really enjoy writing; it allows me to escape reality for a while. I hope you all enjoy my first book. 

I am really a boring person; I rather stay in and hang out with my cats and my family then to go out. 

What inspired you to write your first book? 
I was just sitting around reading all these great books, and I became friends with many authors. So I was like hey I want to write a book so I sat down and just started to write. 

How did you come up with the idea for Broken? 
Well at first it was going to be all about a girl getting bullied at school, but I decided to turn it into a Paranormal book. I really love reading paranormal book so I was like why not and see what happens. 

Who was your favorite character to write and why? 
My favorite character is Cordelia The reason why is that she gone through so much stuff and she broke my heart. She shows her weaknesses and strong points in this book. 

In your book can you relate to any of the circumstances the characters go through, are there any of your own experiences or total fiction? 

Some are from my own experiences I won’t say what, but yes I did go through some of the things Cordelia went through.

"Ok so this is the Sandra's first published book and I gotta say it has been hands down the best book I have read in a long while. I am not really a one for paranormal books but this one just gripped me and wouldn't let go. I loved the characters especially Cameron although he is an arse at times but he gets better. I really cant say to much without giving anything away but I will definitely have to read the next one." - Lynsey Sabi (Goodreads)

About the author:
Sandra Love is a new to the author world, publishing her first book in 2013. She currently lives in Michigan, with her son and partner. Sandra is very lucky to have a sister Amanda, who has been there with her through everything, including helping her with the editing of her books. Sandra has three cats, Stubby, Odin and Thor. She loves to spend hours reading her favourite authors and writing. Her favourite genre's are Paranormal, supernatural and romance. Sandra's first series of books (Broken Wings) is a Supernatural romance.


Daniela Ella said...

Ma intreb daca exista cineva pe lume care nu are o viata oribila. Ei bine, poate ca nu exista, dar ma bucur ca in carti "oribilitatea" asta este centrata. In orice caz, e o carte fantasy unde se pot petrece multe lucruri. Frumos interviul!

Claudia said...

Tulburatoare cartea...Cred ca fiecare are momente oribile in viata sa, dar cu putin optimism vor predomina cele frumoase.

Sandee Love said...

Thanks so much