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Friday, November 15, 2013

Guest Post For Your Heart (Retellings #1) by A.L. Davroe

Published: October 31st, 2013


Experience THE BALLAD OF TAM LIN like you’ve never read it before…

It has been seven years since Jeanette Sauderheim followed her best friend into Carver Hall Park...and came out alone. Jeanette has never gotten over his mysterious disappearance nor has she gone back into the park. While that traumatic night still haunts her, Jeanette distracts herself by balancing her time between trying to pass Spanish, hanging out with her friends, and reading the latest manga.

But, when a promise to a friend drives her back into the park, she's forced to re-live the memories of that night. Lost and confused, Jeanette crosses paths with Tamrin, whose violent reaction to her provides yet another reason to avoid the park.

Tamrin, a knight of the Summer Court, has been sent to Earth to guard a garden of roses that hold special meaning to the queen of the Summer faeries. When his distraction at meeting Jeanette leads to her picking one of the Summer Queen’s roses, Tamrin vows to right his failure to do his duty. 

However, the equivalent of one of the queen’s roses is a human heart and Tamrin’s reluctance to readily exact the sum from Jeanette sets in motion a spiral of love, betrayal, and magic that could mean damnation for them both.

*This is an Upper YA paranormal romance novel with NA and contemporary fantasy appeal.

Writing Quirks and Must Haves 

1. I can't be near a television or listen to music that has lyrics that I know. When I do have music, it has to be down low. I get very distracted. 

2. I start the ball rolling and let it simmer. More often than not, I'll sit and crank out a random three chapters and have no idea where I'm going with them. Then, one day -- sometimes years -- down the line, I'll revisit the chapters and all of the sudden the novel will fall out of my head. 

3. I can't be under any stress. If I have something big weighing on me, my muse is like "Oh heck no!" and runs the other way. Because of this, I often have long boughts of writer's block. However, I try to counter this feeling of unproductively with editing existing pieces. (There are always at least a dozen half-written books on my plate). 

4. I write in long chunks -- entire chapters, at least. I've written almost 30k in a day once. More often than not, when it comes out it's fairly decent. This is why I don't obsess too hard core about my writer's block. Yes, I get blocks, but I like to think that behind that block, everything is simmering and aligning itself…and then, the flood gates open. I've had instances where I’ll pick up on a few chapters that I started at the beginning of the year and have the whole novel written by the end of the week. 

5. I don't force myself to write. I'm not that professional author who makes herself write every day. In my world, when things become obligations they become hated things that I subconsciously rebel against and I never want to feel that way about my writing. I'll sit down and start reading what I've written of a piece so far and if it feels like being written, I'll work on it. If not, I'll do something else. 

6. Other creative pieces inspire me. Art, music, television/movies, and other novels are often great ways to inspire my creative spirit. I often play music when I'm writing and I always surround myself with art pieces that I love. 

7. I have to be warm. I have a blanket and a space heater at my desk and when I decide to go to a local café to work, I bring a hoodie and a coat. 

8. Gotta have my tea! 

9. My keyboard has to be at the right level for me to type. 

10. I have to log off the internet. Otherwise, I'm too tempted to have conversations on Facebook or read things that are completely useless. 

11. If you talk to me when I'm writing I won't listen to you.

About the author:

A.L. Davroe writes both YA and adult speculative fiction. Her debut YA paranormal romance novel, FOR YOUR HEART, releases October 31, 2013. By day, she lives in Connecticut her two feline hench-creatures. She’s a terrible blusher, has a weak spot for cuddly animals, loves Laffy Taffy and Cadbury MiniEggs, and she’s a huge advocate of alternative healing methods. She also wears Vibram five-finger toe shoes and corsets...Though not always in the same ensemble. She’s a Capricorn, a Hufflepuff, and a few nuggets short of a Happy Meal.

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