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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Guest Post Fighting to Forgive (Fighting #2) by J.B. Salsbury

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What do you do when everything you avoid, turns out to be exactly what you need? Easy and predictable, just the way he likes it, Blake Daniels flies through life the way he burns through women: on his terms, no regrets. With his fighting career in full swing, he's on the threshold of title contention. But when his training is compromised by injury, the stakes grow impossibly higher. The rage that fuels his punches also chips away at his focus, and he risks losing everything he cares about. He won’t let that happen. Not again. Layla’s through with men. After a marriage that never should’ve happened, she hopes to reclaim the pieces of the woman she lost years ago. Emotional abuse has left her insecure and terrified. A master at faking what she’s not feeling, she masks her self-doubt in false confidence. She’ll never let another man hurt her. Not again. Chased by shadows of the past, Blake and Layla know what they don’t want, but their hearts have a different plan. As a web of lies and betrayal threatens to destroy them, they’re forced to make a choice. Is love enough to heal even the deepest wounds?

Why I write.

When I first started writing I thought the goal was to write what you love to read. Makes sense, right?

What I learned after meeting other struggling writers is that writing for readers and writing for publishers is not the same. Publishers are the people who spend their days doing research. They look into trends, predict what will be the top selling romance sub-genre in 2018. But I often wonder…how may of them read for pleasure? It’s like the fourth year college student who reads textbooks all day. How many of them are going to want to crack open a book and pleasure read at ten o’clock at night?

So I decided early on that self-publishing was the better route for me. I didn’t want to write for those who study fiction like a science.

I want to write for women like me. The ones who deal with heartache in their life and can’t escape the devastating reality of every news report that comes on over morning coffee. The women who navigate the perilous terrain of raising children to be responsible adults and contributing members of society. The women who have enough real life drama and choke on it more often than not.

I write for readers who want to escape to a place where heroes exist for all women regardless of their flaws. The place where good wins over evil, every time. A place where she can let herself be taken on a journey safely because she knows in the end she’ll be placed lovingly on a pillow of Happily Ever After. So that when she finishes that book with a heavy sigh and a smile, she can go back to her real life recharged and ready to face the day with renewed strength.

I can say with conviction that reading romance in all it’s varieties has gotten me through some difficult times. Writing romance has done the same.

Reading and writing is a wonderful escape, and if I can accomplish anything, I hope it’s creating beautiful places for that to happen. That’s why I write.

What happens when in order to win, you’re forced to lose?

The only daughter of an infamous Las Vegas pimp, Raven Morretti grew up an outsider. Liberated from the neglectful home of her prostitute mother, she finds solace as a mechanic. With few friends, she’s content with the simple life. Flying under the radar is all she knows, and more than she expects.

Until she catches the eye of local celebrity, UFL playboy Jonah Slade. 

Weeks away from his title fight, Jonah is determined to stay focused on everything he’s trained so hard to achieve. Undefeated in the octagon, he’s at the height of his career. But resisting Raven’s effortless allure and uncomplicated nature is a fight he can’t win. 

Jonah trades in his bad-boy reputation and puts his heart on the line. But when her father contacts her, setting in motion the ugly truth of her destiny, Jonah must choose. In a high-stakes gamble where love and freedom hang in the balance, a war is waged where the price of losing is a fate worse than death.

Will the hotheaded Jonah be able to restrain his inner fighter to save the woman he loves? 

Or will Raven be forced into a life she’s been desperate to avoid?

About the author:
Bestselling author JB Salsbury lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband and two kids. She spends the majority of her day as a domestic engineer. But while she works through her daily chores, a world of battling alphas, budding romance, and impossible obstacles claws away at her subconscious, begging to be released to the page. Her love of good storytelling led her to earn a degree in Media Communications. With her journalistic background, writing has always been at the forefront, and her love of romance prompted her to sink her free time into novel writing. Fighting for Flight is her first novel in the MMA romance series.

For more information on the series or just to say hello, visit JB on her

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