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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Excerpt and Giveaway Confessions of Sylva Slasher by Ace Antonio Hall



Eighteen-year-old Sylva Fleischer and her friends raise the dead for a living for police investigations and mourning families. Two years after her high school crush, a hot guy named Brandon, is assumed dead, Sylva’s friends convince her to go on a spring break cruise in an effort to suppress her depression over him. But when passengers mysteriously die and reanimate into flesheating zombies like she’s never seen before, Sylva plunges into a horrifying struggle between a ship infested with the undead and the scariest thing of all: a second chance with Brandon after she discovers he’s still alive. This is a zombie story that eats right to the core and leaves you licking your chops for more.
Got zombies? Sylva Slasher does...

[Ace] wastes no time immersing us in full, gore-spattered, Technicolor horror… The tension is almost unbearable…” – Leslie Ann Moore, author of Griffin’s Daughter

Ace should never write a non-zombie book again. As one Aussie likes to say, this is a ripping yarn.” – Ken Hughes, author of Shadowed


I took a step forward. “Whoa!” One more step and I would’ve slipped off the mountain.

The mountain?

All of a sudden, I found myself standing on Theodore Roosevelt’s head at Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota.

“Gammy? People just don’t transport to different places. I mean, unless you have access to the Starship Enterprise and didn’t tell me.”

“Isn’t the sun shining bright?” Gammy asked. “And the sky … It’s a flawless, beautiful blue.”

Hundreds of colorful butterflies came toward me then, flying around my head. “Shoo,” I said, waving for them to go away.”

“Aren’t they pretty,” Gammy said. She stood over on Abraham Lincoln’s head, pitching rocks at the trees below.

“I guess. How—how did I get here?”

She didn’t answer.

I glanced around, feeling her awkward silence. “Why are there so many butterflies?”

“Butterflies,” she said. “Funny how butterflies come out of old, ugly cocoons, huh?”

I gave her a strange look, trying to absorb everything around me. “Uh, yeah, um … cocoons sometimes remind me of coffins—’cause I used to think the caterpillars were dead inside of them when I was little.”

Gammy chuckled. “And then they emerge into something more beautiful, more powerful than they were before. Like how you let them boys dare you into raising that dead soldier.”

“That didn’t make me more beautiful. It scarred me for life.”

“Did it?”

“Yeah, I raised some lunatic jarhead that went on a rampage and killed the cadets with me. I’d be in jail right now if Reaper hadn’t made the case disappear, somehow. Trust me, I was scarred for life, Gammy.”

“On the contrary, dear. The moment you beheaded that deadhead, as you call him, you grew.”


“Yes, child. You came into who you were supposed to be. That deadhead saved your life, your death, and your rebirth. You are just like these butterflies, shedding one life for another.”

I watched the colorful butterflies float around us and said nothing.

She picked up a rock and threw it at a tree. “Like I always say, sweetie, everything ain’t always what it seems, you know. Woot-hoo, did you see that? I hit that tree dead on.”

I looked down at my hands and my feet, seeing pink converses, blue jeans, my lean waist, and a long-sleeved, midriff black tee that read GOT ZOMBIES? in lower-cased white letters. Yay.

“I’m back,” I said. “Okay, I’m game. What gives?”

I glanced at my chipped, blue fingernails and bit off an irritating hanging piece. I lifted my head back up, and Gammy stood next to me.

“We’re at Mt Rushmore,” she said. “This is the life after life. Come and give me a hug girl, before my arms fall off from poor circulation.”

“Oh, uh,” I said, picking myself up with a grunt from the hard, rocky surface. “We’re … dead?”

About the author:
Ace Antonio Hall graduated from Long Island University with a BFA. He is a former NYC middle school English teacher who can’t get enough of zombies and Spider-Man comic books. When he’s not in the gym working off the extra calories from eating way too many donuts, Ace writes young adult horror fiction.

His novel The Confessions of Sylva Slasher was released April 14, 2013 by Montag Press. The second book in his series, Sk8board Xombies, will be available next year.

Ace’s short story Dead Chick Walking made the Fall 2013 edition of the best-selling Calliope Magazine and his science fiction story, They, won the Honorable Mention distinction for the 2013 Writers of the Future Award.

For updates and news, follow him on Twitter @aceantoniohall, like his facebook author fan page or visit www.aceantoniohall.com where you can read his blog, updated regularly.

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smiles said...

Love! Like Snakes on a Plane. Zombies on a Boat! And the cover - you look down, see a cute girl, then look down further and see a bunch of dead bodies piled up. Cool choice!

Anonymous said...

The cover of this book is so perfect! I love it! And the story seems just like my cup of tea! Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win S2

AceAntonioHall said...

Thanks, Smiles.

AceAntonioHall said...

That's awesome to hear Magicamagi! Good luck!!!

Unknown said...

The cover is soo unique! Thanks!

AceAntonioHall said...

Thanks, Layla! Hope you enjoy the book.

Yhue said...

Thanks for the chance :-D

Unknown said...

Great chance and story .. thanks!!