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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Guest Post Hers To Cherish (Verdantia #3) by Patricia A. Knight


Who would’ve thought a rogue nobleman and a secret agent tied in shibari knots would be so instrumental in saving a world from sexual slavery.

For disgraced nobleman and accused murderer, Ramsey DeKieran, a pardon is an unobtainable fantasy. When the High Lord of Verdantia offers the prize, Ram knows there’ll be a catch. He accepts the impossible mission – the off-world rescue of a Verdantian noblewoman, one of the last of her kind. The one bright spot: Elite mercenary, Steffania Rickard, is ordered undercover to help DeKieran – posing as his sexual submissive.

For Steffania, assisting the dominating Ramsey on this insane mission will be challenge enough. The damn rogue trips all her triggers – good and bad. But infinitely worse, on the planet, Vxloncia, she must submit as Ram’s sex slave, and there’s no faking it. Bent at his knee, serving his every command, Steffania doubts her carefully hidden desires will remain concealed.

Their mission takes on new urgency when they unmask a heinous program of enslavement, long cloaked in secrecy. Together they must find a way to overcome their initial animosity and recover a woman vital to the future of their race.

In the maelstrom of sex, savagery, domination and submission, they will need all their wits and strength to survive – but the battle for their hearts is lost – to one another.

Sugar KinK!
Sex without STDs or risk of pregnancy.

I was lucky to grow up before rampant STDs and in the neighborhood drug store, Bodice Burners or Hot Historicals smoked up the revolving wire bookracks. Mom wouldn’t let me buy them but I snuck into Winkies every Saturday and “browsed” one in particular until it was dog-eared. Hah! I think “Hawkfeather’s Indian Captive” replaced “the Mom talk” and created my ongoing enthrallment with “burning, thrusting male lances.” Yep, my fascination with hot, graphic, sex was born right there in Winkies’ book aisle. It blossomed into my later-in-life writing career as an erotic romance author. 

I found out the other day there is a special name for what I write – SugarKink – graphic, erotic sex with only mild BDSM – nothing hurtful or trespassing into heavy fetish. Yeah. I like it. SugarKink. That’s me. So here it is, gentle reader – without the sneaking (Winkies is now a parking lot – sob), no STD’s, no fear of pregnancy, and I don’t think you can dog-ear digital—smoking hot sex where the hero is worthy, the heroine loves him and they all live happily-ever-after. Come be a voyeur. Simple! No sneaking into Winkies, no replacing Hawkfeather’s Indian Captive with Anne of Green Gables when the manager looked over. Just some of your time and a willingness to believe in the magical.

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About the author:

Patricia A. Knight is the pen name for an eternal romantic who lives in Dallas, Texas with her horses, dogs and the best man on the face of the earth – oh yeah, and the most enormous bullfrogs you will ever see. Word to the wise: don’t swim in the pool after dark.

I love to hear from my readers and can be reached at:

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