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Thursday, February 19, 2015

One risky night. A shot at love and redemption. - Watts by Kate Dawes

18++ "I’ve had to do some unspeakable things in my life. Some might even consider me a bad guy. 
My secrets can get people hurt, even killed. For that reason, I’ve never let anyone get close to me."


Published: January 21st, 2015

From the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Kate Dawes comes a romantic, sexy, suspense novel.

Catherine Kolb has found the perfect diversion from her life of nearly complete seclusion: a virtually anonymous correspondence with a man she knows only as "Watts."

Intelligent, mysterious, and with an insatiable appetite for sex, he begins to draw Catherine out of her closely guarded world, tempting her with his words--some are wildly explicit, others simply enticing...

"You should indulge your curiosities, especially the forbidden ones."

Watts insists on privacy. He has no choice. In the wrong hands, his secrets could get people killed. Including Catherine.

Common sense says they should never meet, but curiosity and lust prove stronger than reason and caution. A planned one-time encounter sets into motion a series of events that bring Catherine and Watts to the edge of ecstasy and the brink of peril.

Two very private people. One risky night. A shot at love and redemption.

Author's Note: Due to mature themes, this book is recommended for readers 18+. Full-length novel, no cliff-hangers.
This is a book I wrote under a pen-name, Jordan Burke, and it was originally published in three serial installments (PRIVACY CODE, ILLICIT CONTACT, and NAKED RISK). I've decided to re-publish this under my name and make it one full-length novel. If you have read any of the aforementioned titles, you have read this book.

"Remarkably well written, these characters come alive on the page to involve the reader in the mystery that surrounds them. Right from the start the aura of mystery, secrets, and erotic emails will hook you into a story like no other. The emails between Catherine and Watts are incredible." -As You Wish Reviews

About the author:
Kate Dawes is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance novels, including the FADE series, LAYOVER RULES, and UNWRECK ME. Kate lives on the coast of South Carolina.

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Jan Lee said...

The link to add Watts to TBR shelf on GoodReads does not go to that book.

CCAM said...

@Jan Lee - thank you for letting us know, I'll contact the organizer. :)